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Why Is Professional Tooth Cleaning Important for Kids?

Why Is Professional Tooth Cleaning Important for Kids?

When your child visits the Kids Dentistry Center for a dental examination, then it is likely that we will want them to have their teeth professionally cleaned. Professional tooth cleaning is an important procedure, even for kids who still have their baby or milk teeth. For exactly the same reasons you have your own teeth professionally scaled and polished.

What Will Happen during Their Professional Tooth Cleaning or Prophylaxis?

Dr. Marina Krepkh and all our dental team are very gentle when treating young children. A professional tooth cleaning or prophylaxis is nothing to be concerned about. It will not hurt your child and the entire treatment is very non-invasive. Using special hand tools that are small enough to fit easily in their mouth, we will remove all the hardened plaque or tartar from their teeth before very gently polishing their teeth where necessary.

How Does This Protect Their Dental Health?

By removing tartar, we will reduce your child’s risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Tartar contains bacteria that cause disease and infection and it is important to regularly remove it to prevent this from occurring. Gum disease is often thought of as being an adult disease and while it might be more common in adults, it can also develop in children. We obviously want to prevent this from happening which is why we strongly recommend professional tooth cleaning when your kid visits our dental office.

Get Advice on Home Dental Care

By identifying areas where tartar is building up on your kid’s teeth, we can help suggest ways to improve their home dental care. It could be that you are inadvertently missing out certain areas if you still need to brush their teeth for them. We can show you areas of concern so you can make sure you pay extra attention when cleaning these teeth. If they are older and are brushing their own teeth, then we can teach your child how to clean as thoroughly as possible and we have a few tricks to make this personalized tuition as interesting and as fun as we can.

General Advice on Looking after Your Kid’s Dental Health

As well as providing practical information on how to keep your child’s teeth super clean, we can give you additional information on the best and most tooth friendly diet. You probably know what foods they should be eating and which are best avoided, but we can often help you improve this even more just by making a few very simple changes. It could be that you are including certain foods that are marketed as being healthy but which in fact are full of sugar. Snacking is often a particular area of concern and is where we can help you make better choices that will help keep your kid’s teeth strong and healthy and cavity-free.

A professional tooth cleaning is a very easy way for you and your child to learn much more about their dental care and the best methods of maintaining good dental health. It is an excellent preventive dental treatment and will reduce their personal risk of oral diseases.


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