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When Might My Child Need a Stainless Steel Crown?

When Might My Child Need a Stainless Steel Crown?

If your child has a significant amount of decay in a tooth then it will need to be mended, even if it is a milk tooth, as it is important to make sure primary teeth are not lost too soon. Whereas a small or medium-sized cavity can be quickly repaired with a filling, this may not be strong enough to repair a tooth that is more substantially decayed. In this case we may suggest they have a stainless steel crown to restore their baby tooth.

What Are Stainless Steel Crowns?

A stainless steel crown will comfortably cover up the entire milk tooth, right down to the gum line and will prevent it from becoming infected. The crown remains in position and will come out with the milk tooth when it is time for the adult tooth to come through.

Here at the Kids Dentistry Center, we use very high quality stainless steel crowns that are preformed and come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes and which can be covered with tooth colored composite resin to create a more aesthetically appealing restoration. Some of our stainless steel crowns have a composite resin facing for the side of the crown visible in the mouth, while others are covered entirely with composite resin. Stainless steel is used because it is a strong material and will restore the tooth so it can be used comfortably for biting and chewing.

Why Are They Used?

Unlike restoring an adult tooth with a crown, where it will be handcrafted in our on-site laboratory, a premade crown can provide a much more comfortable solution for a young child. With a premade crown, we can quickly adjust it to securely fit the tooth so your child will be in and out of our dental office with minimal fuss. Using a premade crown also helps reduce the amount of time they will need to spend in our dental chair.

We may also suggest your child has a stainless steel crown fitted if they need a baby root canal treatment. A pulpotomy or any type of pulp therapy will remove the infection from the tooth, but afterwards the tooth will be significantly weaker and will require the protection of a full crown.

How Is a Stainless Steel Crown Fitted?

To fit your child’s stainless steel crown, Dr. Marina Krepkh or another pediatric dentist here at the Kids Dentistry Center, will first carefully shape the tooth, removing all the decayed or damaged portions. The idea is to get the overall shape of the prepared tooth as close as possible to the shape of the prepared crown. Next, our pediatric dentist will choose a crown that is the right approximate shape and size and color. It will be carefully adapted to fit the prepared tooth and is cemented in position.

Quick Procedure During One Dental Visit

We can carry out the entire process during one easy dental visit for your child so they will leave our dental office with their new pediatric crown in place and once the local anesthetic has worn off, they will be able to eat and drink normally. Stainless steel crown is a good, cost-effective way of protecting milk teeth and it is pretty hard wearing.



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