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What to Expect at Your Kid's First Dental Visit at Age One

What to Expect at Your Kid’s First Dental Visit at Age One

Do you have a young baby coming up to age one? If so they may already have several teeth or are perhaps in the process of teething. So why take them to the dentist by their first birthday? The Kids Dentistry Center recommends parents bring their child to visit Dr. Marina Krepkh or any of our excellent pediatric dentists for their very first dental visit. This first visit helps set the tone for lifelong good dental health and is a great way for parents and caregivers to learn more about how to care for their child’s teeth at home and to generally learn why these primary teeth are so important.

Milk Teeth Matter

We see quite a few parents who are under the impression these milk teeth don’t really matter as they are going to fall out anyway, not realizing these milk teeth are critically important to the placement and function of a child adult teeth. Primary teeth help guide the adult teeth into the correct positions, and as the last primary teeth can remain in the mouth until age 12, it is vital to care for them until the adult teeth are ready to come through.

We Focus on Preventive Dentistry

Here at the Kids Dentistry Center, we focus largely on preventive dentistry as we’d much rather keep your kids teeth healthy and strong than have to treat them for tooth decay. This is the main reason why we like to see our youngest patients by age one at their first dental visit. Our pediatric dentists are extremely gentle when examining young children’s teeth, but this first dental visit is important and is far more than just a casual appointment. We will comprehensively examine their mouth and if necessary will recommend some preventative treatments. Ask Dr. Krepkh or any of our friendly dental team about guidance on how to clean your kid’s teeth at home and how to floss any teeth that are in contact. We can also carry out a risk assessment for tooth decay at this first dental visit.

First Dental Visit: Treating Early Signs of Tooth Decay

Baby bottle tooth decay or early childhood caries is associated with giving a child a bottle containing sugary liquids to help them go to sleep. This problem can also arise if a child is given a pacifier dipped in syrup or honey and generally develops between one and one and a half years of age. Early childhood tooth decay can develop very rapidly, as the tooth enamel covering baby teeth is thinner than the enamel covering adult teeth. Early detection of tooth decay at the kid’s first dental visit makes it much easier to treat and of course avoids the child developing toothache which is unpleasant at any age.

We Can Check For Underlying Conditions that Might Indicate Future Problems

This first dental visit is good for checking for any underlying conditions that could indicate problems in the future. Sometimes these conditions may benefit from early treatment, minimizing the need for dental procedures later in life. A prime example would be any issues with the way the teeth and jaws are developing as early interceptive orthodontics may reduce the need to wear braces in the future, or the need to extract healthy teeth prior to orthodontic treatment.


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