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What If Your Child Has a Tooth Infection?

What If Your Child Has a Tooth Infection?

Infected teeth can be extremely painful so take action if your child begins to complain about toothache. Other symptoms can include a throbbing pain in the affected tooth, and this pain can radiate out towards the rest of the head and neck area, causing sore jaws, earache and muscle tension. A mild toothache that gradually worsens can indicate a tooth infection or a dental abscess.

What Is an Abscess?

An abscess is a tooth infection that has reached deep into the gums and the surrounding tissue. Without the correct treatment from a pediatric dentist, this infection can spread to other areas of the body. A child with a bad dental abscess may develop a fever, indicating the infection is severe. Booking your child an appointment with the Kids Dentistry Center will enable Dr. Marina Krepkh or another of our highly skilled and very gentle dentists to provide the correct care, ensuring the pain of an abscessed or badly decayed tooth is removed.

What Causes a Tooth Infection or Dental Abscess?

The most common cause of a tooth infection is a cavity that hasn’t been filled or treated in any way. Without treatment a cavity will grow larger and this may affect the overall structure of the tooth, causing it to break or crack and the infection that causes the tooth decay will spread to the gums and bone structure surrounding the teeth. A child that has broken a tooth during sports or due to some other trauma is at risk of a tooth infection, as any type of break in a tooth enables bacteria to get in. Both milk or baby teeth and adult teeth can be affected by dental abscesses and the sooner the affected tooth is treated, the better the outcome.

How Is an Abscess or Tooth Infection Treated?

If the abscessed tooth is a baby tooth, it’s possible our pediatric dentists may suggest extracting the tooth. Alternatively it might be possible to save a less badly decayed or infected baby tooth by carrying out what’s called a baby tooth root canal. This is quite different from an adult root canal treatment, and sometimes it can be carried out on their permanent teeth as well. It is a very common procedure that is used to treat children’s teeth and it can be reasonably successful. During a baby tooth root canal, which is also called a pulpotomy, the pulp chamber is removed. The pulp chamber is inside the crown of the tooth which is the part exposed in the mouth. This is the only part of the pulp that is removed, as unlike an adult root canal a pediatric dentist will not clean out the root canals in the tooth roots. Instead these are sealed to prevent infection.

We Are Very Gentle When Treating Children

Here at the Kids Dentistry Center, we know a child with a painful tooth may be frightened or nervous about visiting our dental office. You’ll find our dentists are extremely gentle when treating children and our kid friendly dental office is designed to help put them at ease. We’ll do everything possible to make sure the treatment is as comfortable as we can and afterwards they will no longer be in pain. After treating your child, we can also give you advice on looking after their teeth to help prevent the recurrence of a dental abscess.


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