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What Are the Best Ways to Prevent Cavities?

What Are the Best Ways to Prevent Cavities?

If your child is a regular visitor to the Kids Dentistry Center then you will already know we are extremely committed to providing the very highest quality preventive dental care for children and teenagers. We are often asked which is the best way to prevent cavities and to do this we frequently recommend using a combination of different techniques to help lower a child’s risk.

Preventive Care Begins with a Personalized Treatment Plan

Every child who visits us does receive a detailed treatment plan that is based on their personal level of risk for developing cavities or other dental problems. This preventive dentistry treatment plan will show the details of procedures we think will be useful, including the frequency they will be required as some, for example fluoride treatments, may need to be repeated at every visit. Dr Marina Krepkh and our friendly team of pediatric dentists do work hard to help parents and caregivers understand the best way to look after their child’s teeth at home. This does include personalized dietary advice as this can often make a huge difference when trying to prevent cavities.

Taking a Closer Look at Treatments That May Be Useful

A couple of the easiest ways we can help prevent cavities in your child is by using pediatric dental treatments such as fluoride applications and dental sealants. The great thing about both of these treatments is that they are very non-invasive and completely painless and are easy for even the most nervous or anxious child to tolerate. Fluoride is particularly useful and can be applied topically to your child’s teeth at the end of every checkup in a number of different ways. We might suggest using fluoride gel or foam in mouth trays, or another method of application is to use professional strength fluoride mouthwash.

Fluoride Varnish to Prevent Cavities

Yet another choice to prevent cavities is to use fluoride varnish and this can be extremely good as the fluoride is painted onto your child’s teeth after they have been scaled and polished and is left for a few hours or sometimes overnight so the fluoride can penetrate their teeth. During this time your child will still be able to eat and drink normally but shouldn’t clean their teeth until the fluoride has been allowed to sink into the tooth enamel.

Dental Sealants as Part of Preventive Pediatric Dentistry

Dental sealants are commonly recommended for children with newly erupted adult back teeth. We suggest they are applied as soon as possible as dental sealants only work on healthy teeth and we cannot apply them to teeth that already have decay or which have already been filled. The nice thing about dental sealants is that they will last for many years before they need renewing. The actual sealant material is thin enough so it won’t interfere with their bite and it is just about invisible. This treatment is very cost-effective.

We Help Make Healthy Food Choices

Personalized dietary advice can be extremely useful in helping parents and caregivers to understand how diet affects their child’s teeth. We sometimes find that parents are making healthy choices for their child’s diet that are packed full of vitamins and minerals but which are also unfortunately laden with hidden sugars. Often it is pretty easy to make a few simple changes so a diet is a little more tooth friendly.

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