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Wearing Braces: Getting to Grips with Orthodontic Treatment

Wearing Braces: Getting to Grips with Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is common in children and teenagers and it can do a lot to help kids teeth develop more correctly, creating a nice evenly balanced profile that will hopefully last for life. Wearing braces can help correct a bad bite which is also called malocclusion, as well as problems caused by overcrowded or overlapping teeth, or where baby teeth have been lost too soon and this has affected or is likely to affect the development of adult teeth. Nowadays orthodontics can do quite amazing things and modern technology is extremely advanced.

How Do You Know If Your Child Is Likely to Require Braces?

If your child visits the Kids Dentistry Center at regular intervals for checkups, then it’s likely that our pediatric dentist Dr. Marina Krepkh will pick up any early signs that something might be wrong. In this case she will recommend your child sees an orthodontist for a proper evaluation that can take place as soon as age 6 or seven. Our orthodontist is a specialist dentist who has undergone advanced training in treating problems with the alignment of the teeth and jaws. They can soon decide if your child requires braces, and if so which types of appliances might be best.

Your Orthodontist Will Determine the Proper Time for Wearing Braces

If your child is older than six or seven then there is no need to worry as they can still benefit from an orthodontic evaluation and treatment and starting earlier doesn’t necessarily mean that they will need to wear braces straightaway. It simply enables the orthodontist to determine the best course of treatment and to decide the optimal time to begin wearing braces.

What Will Happen during Your Child’s First Orthodontic Evaluation?

During this first visit, our orthodontist will gently look at your child’s teeth and jaws, taking into account the way the upper and lower jaws align with each other and the way the teeth bite together. They may also ask questions as to whether your child has difficulty breathing or chewing or swallowing, or if they have ever had any problems in moving their jaws. During this initial appointment they might want to take some x-rays so they can see how the teeth are positioned in the jawbone and can also see the positions of adult teeth yet to come through. Sometimes they may take dental impressions to create accurate plaster models of your child’s teeth that can be extremely useful in deciding which type of treatment will be best.

Deciding Which Treatment Is Best

If the orthodontist thinks your child will benefit from wearing braces, they can provide a written treatment plan showing all possible options. They can also discuss these options with you and your child so you both fully understand what will be involved with treatment and what to expect. There are numerous different types of braces that can be used, some of which are removable and some of which are fixed. It might be that your child will not require traditional fixed braces, but you can rest assured that we will suggest the best possible treatment to provide top quality and long-lasting results.

You will also find our pediatric dental office is here to help you and your child through the whole process of wearing braces as we can advise you on the best way to keep them clean, which foods, if any should be avoided during treatment and what to do if the braces somehow become broken or lost.


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