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Tooth-Colored Pediatric Crowns: Best Way to Restore Your Child's Smile

Tooth-Colored Pediatric Crowns: Best Way to Restore Your Child’s Smile

Tooth decay is never pleasant at any age, and if you think your child has a cavity then bring them in to visit one of our pediatric dentists here at the Kids Dentistry Center. One of our dentists, for example Dr. Marina Krepkh will gently but thoroughly examine your child’s mouth for any signs of cavities. Hopefully the tooth will be able to be filled, but sometimes it’s necessary to use dental crowns to repair children’s teeth that have been more extensively damaged. The Kids Dentistry Center uses high quality tooth-colored pediatric crowns to restore children’s front and back teeth.

Understanding More about Our Tooth-Colored Pediatric Crowns

Our NuSmile® Signature crowns have been specially designed to restore children’s smiles in a way that is long-lasting and aesthetically appealing. The crowns are anatomically correct and consist of a strong stainless steel substructure that will protect the underlying tooth. The substructure is covered with a natural looking tooth colored coating made from composite resin.

These tooth-colored pediatric crowns are far nicer looking than more traditional stainless steel crowns that don’t have a tooth colored covering. If they do, it only consists of a single strip, still exposing some of the underlying metal. Although these types of crowns are effective they are not very nice for children to wear. In comparison, our tooth-colored pediatric crowns actually look pretty good. These crowns are a great, aesthetic alternative. Once they are in place, your child will be able to eat and speak normally and the crown will stay in position until the tooth is ready to come out to make way for their adult tooth.

What Is the Procedure for Having a Pediatric Crown?

Our dentists select the correct premade crown to restore the tooth, based on its size and position. The replacement crown will be approximately the same shape so it will look very natural once it is fitted in your child’s mouth. The tooth will be carefully prepared to fit the crown so it slides comfortably and tightly over the tooth. Once our dentist is happy with the fit, they will make sure the prepared tooth is completely clean and dry before cementing the tooth in position. When the tooth is cemented in place, the dentist will check it bites together correctly with the opposing teeth as this is important to ensure your child is comfortable.

How to Look after Your Child’s Teeth Once They Have Been Restored with a Crown

Afterwards the crown can be brushed and flossed as normal but you may need to take a bit more care to ensure it doesn’t become dislodged or fractured. Make sure your child doesn’t bite down on very hard objects such as hard candy or toys. Try to ensure they don’t chew on car keys or any other hard objects which might place their teeth under excessive stress. In addition, avoid giving your child very sticky or hard foods as these could dislodge or damage the crown. It’s obviously not the end of the world if something happens to this crown, but the idea is for it to last long enough in the mouth and to keep the correct amount of space open for the adult tooth.

We will obviously check the condition of the crown at every appointment to make sure it’s still fitting properly and that it still feels comfortable to your kid.


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