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Kids Dental Anxiety

Tips for Reducing Dental Anxiety and Fear in Children

Regular dental visits are important for keeping your little one’s teeth healthy and strong, and are a great way for you to learn better dental care techniques to look after their teeth in between visits. While some children will visit the dentist without any fear, others find the whole process scary and difficult to cope with comfortably. Once a child has begun to think of their pediatric dentist as being scary, it can be tricky to get them out of that mindset, so what can you do to help them relax both before and during trips to see their pediatric dentist?

Start Them Young

The earlier your child begins regular dental visits, the better. This will get them used to regular preventative dental care appointments. We generally recommend you bring them into visit us by age one, or as soon as they get that first tooth. Good dental care is a necessity rather than a choice if your child is to enjoy a healthy smile for life.

Keep Positive

Take a positive attitude to any upcoming dental visits, and don’t give them too many details that they could begin to worry or fixate on. This should help keep their questions to a minimum, and will reassure them there is nothing to be concerned about. Some parents resort to bribery, and will give their child a special treat if all goes well. While this might seem like a good idea, it can give a small child the wrong impression, and may lead them to think they are about to undergo an ordeal rather than something routine.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Avoid using any words with negative meanings such as injections, shots or pain. Our dental team can explain everything necessary to them in terms that will be very easy for them to understand at the appropriate times. Instead, choose positive words to describe dental visits, such as nice clean healthy teeth, or nice smiles to help them view their visit as being positive or even fun.

Don’t Take Your Child into Your Own Dental Visits

It might seem obvious to take your child with you to your own dental visits, to help them get used to the atmosphere and overall experience, but this could put them off. Adult dental offices are quite different from pediatric dental offices, as for example our Kid’s Dentistry Center is specifically designed to appeal to children.

Choose a Child Oriented Dental Office

You’ll notice the difference as soon as you walk into our pediatric dental office. Everything is designed to welcome children and to help them relax and feel at ease. There is a lot for them to look at and do, including our onsite Playstations. Visiting the dentist has never been so enjoyable. The exam room even has a TV on the ceiling to help distract them if necessary, and our dental team can help put even the most nervous child at ease. If your child is particularly nervous or requires extensive dental treatment, we might recommend some additional sedation to help them feel more comfortable.

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