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Sedation Dentistry New York City: Pain Free and Pleasant

Sedation Dentistry New York City: Pain Free and Pleasant

It is not uncommon for young children to feel nervous when visiting the dentist, even though our Kid’s Dentistry Center is extremely child friendly. This problem can arise if a child has not visited a pediatric dentist for a while, or perhaps is in pain or distress due to multiple cavities that require treatment. When this happens there are various things that can be done to help make their visit as pleasant and pain free as possible, and one way is to use sedation dentistry New York City performed by Kid’s Dentistry Center

How Does Sedation Dentistry New York City Work?

Sedation Dentistry New York City performed by Kid’s Dentistry Center is a very effective way of enabling nervous patients, or those who require a substantial amount of work to relax during their appointment, using carefully administered drugs. The most common of these is nitrous oxide or laughing gas. Other forms of sedation can be taken orally, or even provided intravenously.

The whole idea of sedation dentistry NewYork City performed by Kid’s Dentistry Center is to help your child relax sufficiently so they don’t feel any anxiety or nervousness during their appointment. They will still be able to respond to our pediatric dentist and will be able to breathe on their own. Sedation dentistry NewYork City is ideal if your child needs quite a bit of work to help return them to dental health, for example if they have several cavities that need treatment. You can rest assured your child will be fully monitored at all times during any type of sedation dentistry, and the whole procedure is as safe as possible. It is definitely worth considering as it will help make the whole experience as pleasant as possible, ensuring your child doesn’t end up with any negative perceptions about dental treatment in the future.

Laughing Gas for Light Sedation

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is the best-known form of sedation and many people will already be familiar with this type of sedation dentistry. Your pediatric dentist will administer the gas through a small mask that comfortably covers your child’s nose. The gas is a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen and it takes effect within just a minute or two. It’s a popular treatment as the sedation provided is relatively light, and once the gas is turned off then it is quickly eliminated from the body within just a few short minutes.

Deeper Sedation Can Be given Orally

If your child needs more extensive sedation then this can be given orally. There are several types of drugs that can be used, and quite often the drug is given in the form of a syrup. Oral sedation drugs work very quickly and leave a child’s system just as fast. They will still be able to breathe on their own and respond to instructions from the dental team. Afterwards they may not remember very much of what went on, and we will want to keep an eye on them until the sedative has completely worn off. You’ll need to supervise them carefully for the rest of the day as they definitely won’t be able to go to school until the next day.
There are lots of different sedatives available to help your child, and you’ll find our friendly dental team will work hard to reassure you both during treatment. Although no type of sedative is completely risk free, we take every precaution to keep kids safe and are always available to discuss these treatments with you.

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