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Restoring Damaged Baby Teeth with Pediatric Crowns

Restoring Damaged Baby Teeth with Pediatric Crowns

Your kid’s milk or baby teeth are meant to last until their adult teeth are ready to erupt which is only really a few years. In spite of this we often find that kids teeth will fail too quickly, sometimes due to some sort of trauma or knock to the tooth while other times it’s due to tooth decay or infection. Whatever the reason, here at the Kids Dentistry Center we always try to save and restore baby teeth with pediatric crowns so they remain in place until they are ready to be shed naturally.

Protecting and Restoring Baby Teeth

If your kid’s tooth is badly damaged and has lost a lot of its original structure then our pediatric dentists will suggest covering it up and protecting it with a pediatric crown. A pediatric crown is a little different from an adult crown because it only needs to last a short while and isn’t nearly so much of a permanent structure as a crown covering up an adult tooth. Instead, it’s designed to protect the tooth and to restore its structure so your child will be able to eat and speak properly. Pediatric crowns are premade so treatment can be completed during one easy visit.

Cosmetically Appealing Pediatric Crowns

Some of these pediatric crowns can look less than appealing as many are constructed from stainless steel. We prefer not to use these as we understand that children want to look their best and can often feel very self-conscious if they’ve got a mouthful of metal. Instead, our pediatric crowns look rather nice as they come in a range of different colors and sizes and Dr. Marina Krepkh or whoever is treating your child will be able to closely match the crown to the tooth being covered up and protected.

How Are Pediatric Crowns Placed?

The procedure to place these crowns is quite intricate as our dentists will carefully prepare the tooth so it fits inside the preselected crown. Then it’s a matter of firmly cementing the crown in place and that’s it. Your child will leave our dental practice with their tooth fully restored. With proper care, the pediatric crown should last for the life of the milk tooth and will ensure it cannot become infected or decayed anymore.

Preventing Tooth Decay

Although we can restore kids milk teeth with pediatric crowns, our aim is to try to prevent your child from getting tooth decay through a combination of regular professional preventive dentistry here at the Kids Dentistry Center, combined with good quality dental care at home. We realize there is a lot of misinformation about kids’ primary teeth as some parents and caregivers believe they don’t need to really look after these teeth or that it’s not worth battling with a child who hates having their teeth brushed.

If you are ever unsure about how to care for a young child’s teeth, our pediatric dentists are here to help. We’ll show you exactly how to brush a young child’s teeth in a way that is easier and less stressful for you both. We can even show you how to make the whole process a lot more fun and enjoyable. Even though it can be a struggle trying to look after children’s teeth, it’s well worth the effort as habits created when they are young will help stand them in good stead for life.


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