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Pulpotomy in Primary Teeth at the Kids Dentistry Center

Pulpotomy in Primary Teeth at the Kids Dentistry Center

If your kid is a regular visitor to the Kids Dentistry Center, then we hope to be able to keep their teeth healthy and strong, so they do not need a root canal therapy, but if they do, then this procedure is called a pulpotomy. You might also hear this called a baby root canal, a nerve treatment or a pulpectomy as it is carried out on milk or primary teeth. Even though these teeth will only last a few years before being replaced, it is still important to ensure they are not lost too soon.

What Is a Pulpotomy?

We will suggest your child has a pulpotomy if they have a cavity in their tooth that reaches into the center of the tooth. The central part of the tooth is called the pulp and it contains all the nerve tissues and the blood supply to the tooth that helps it develop. If you have ever had a dental abscess or tooth infection then you will know this can be pretty painful. A pulpotomy is a process to remove the infected nerve tissue, preventing further inflammation and infection in that tooth so your child should feel much more comfortable. Treatment is carried out by Dr. Marina Krepkh or by another of our very gentle dentists here at the Kids Dentistry Center. After all the infection is removed, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned out and we may place a special material inside the cavity to help calm down any nerve tissue remaining in the tooth and to ensure all the bacteria are eliminated.

How Is a Tooth Restored after a Pulpotomy?

Once we are satisfied all the infection has been removed, your kid’s tooth will be restored with a crown which completely protects the tooth. This helps replace any of the tooth structure that has been destroyed by decay and ensures the correct amount of space is maintained until the tooth is ready to fall out normally so it can be replaced with a nice new adult tooth.

What Is the Difference between a Pulpotomy and a Pulpectomy?

A pulpotomy only removes part of the nerve tissue, leaving some of it intact and is a sort of mini root canal treatment. A pulpectomy removes all the tissue from the pulp and from the root canals that extend into the tooth roots. The root canals are thoroughly cleaned out and disinfected before the tooth is filled. It is then restored with a crown in exactly the same way it would be for a pulpotomy.

Our Preventative Dentistry Plans Can Help Avoid Infected Teeth

When your child visits the Kids Dentistry Center for regular checks and cleanings, we also assess their risk of tooth decay and provide a customized treatment plan to help reduce this risk. This might involve improving their oral care routine at home, perhaps by showing you a better way for them to brush and floss, or we might suggest ways of tweaking their diet. This could be as simple as reducing sugary drinks and sodas or making sure sweet treats are eaten as part of a main meal so they are able to do less damage.


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