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Professional Dental Cleaning: Why Do Children Need It?

Professional Dental Cleaning: Why Do Children Need It?

If your child is a regular visitor to the Kids Dentistry Centre then our pediatric dentist Dr. Marina Krepkh will already have recommended they have regular dental prophylaxis or professional teeth cleaning. We are extremely keen on preventative dentistry and this is an essential part of any preventative dental care plan. A professional dental cleaning is non-invasive and easy for even a nervous child to tolerate, but above all it helps to reduce the risk of a child developing gum disease or tooth decay. When your child first visits our dental office, we do evaluate their risk of developing dental diseases and every treatment plan is fully customized to help reduce this risk. This initial evaluation affects how frequently we recommend they have regular dental cleanings.

What Happens During a Professional Dental Cleaning?

Just like an adult dental cleaning, the purpose of dental prophylaxis is to remove plaque and tartar. Plaque is essentially bacteria that if left on the teeth can harden into tartar, a yellowish substance that releases toxins, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. By gently scraping away tartar and carefully polishing the teeth, we can help keep your child’s teeth strong and free from disease. Also professional dental cleaning is a pretty nice treatment for freshening up breath. (Read also why professional tooth cleaning is important for kids).

Your Child Will Get Personalized Instructions on How to Care for Their Teeth at Home

Our dental office will also provide your child with help and information on their dental care. Our pediatric dental team is excellent at instructing children on the best way to look after their teeth and gums at home. We are highly experienced in explaining things to young children in a way that is very easy for them to understand and at the same time we can make dental care seem like lots of fun. For example, we may use plaque disclosing tablets that produce brightly colored stains on their teeth, highlighting areas that are being missed out during regular home dental care. We can also instruct them on the best way to floss as this essential task is often quite difficult for a child. Generally, parents and caregivers will often need to help a child to floss until about age 10, while they will need to supervise their tooth brushing until about age 7.

We Also Help Parents and Caregivers on Dental Care and Dietary Advice

If your child is younger, then we can help you to learn how to care for their teeth at home. We know it’s often a struggle to clean a child’s teeth, particularly when they really don’t feel like it, but by showing you a few techniques, we can help make this job less stressful for everyone concerned. Another part of this dental visit will be to talk to you and your child if they are old enough, about their diet. This is a vital part of dental care that is often easily overlooked but which can make a huge difference to your child’s dental health. Knowing which foods are best for their teeth and which foods should be kept as an occasional treat can be very helpful, particularly when quite a few foods contain such high levels of hidden sugars these days.

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