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Preventing Cavities Gives Your Baby a Healthy Smile for Life

Preventing Cavities Gives Your Baby a Healthy Smile for Life

There is an increasing amount of clinical evidence showing a baby’s dental health and the likelihood of developing cavities is closely linked to the rest of their family, particularly their mom or primary caregiver. When a child is born they do not have lots of bacteria in their mouth that cause cavities, but instead these are gradually acquired from those close to them. The bacteria causing cavities are generally transmitted through close contact with their mother, for example whenever they kiss the child, clean off the pacifier by licking it before returning it to the child, or through sharing utensils during feeding. Dental researchers have even identified the time at which a child is more susceptible towards acquiring these decay causing bacteria and have found this period to be between six months and 31 months of age.

At this stage many babies haven’t yet visited a dentist as it’s quite common for parents or caregivers to think it’s not really necessary, but it’s generally recommended that young babies visit a pediatric dentist by age one, and this first visit is particularly important.

Start Preventing Cavities from the First Dental Visit

During this first visit, we will gently examine your baby’s mouth just to make sure their teeth and jaws are developing nicely. At this stage we might be able to spot any potential problems before they become apparent. While this is important, that first visit can also provide valuable information on proper hygiene and dental care at home. We place a huge emphasis on education and prevention, especially as many new parents are unsure of quite how to brush their child’s teeth effectively. We can show you how to clean your child’s teeth, as it’s important to brush their teeth until around the age of seven. By this stage they’ll probably want to brush their teeth themselves, but it might still be best to brush their teeth at least once a day to make sure they are thoroughly cleaned.

Be Sure to Benefit from the Practical Advice and Help We Can Offer

You’ll find the practical advice we can provide is invaluable, and we can also talk to you about the importance of diet, and can recommend the type of foods to avoid or encourage. Certain foods such as cereal and granola bars can often seem like a healthy choice for children, but some contain huge amounts of hidden sugars and can be best kept as an occasional treat, or else provided as part of the main meal. Other foods such as fruit juices are promoted as being healthy for children, but once again these can also contain a lot of sugar and are best avoided while your child is still a baby. Once they are old enough, encourage them to eat the whole fruit rather than the juice.

While some of this may be practical information you’re already aware of, you’d be surprised how often we can provide additional information that could help make the difference in setting your child on the path to enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles. In addition some of the advice might help you improve your family dental care at home. This might be particularly relevant is some members of your family have had quite a few cavities and can help break the cycle of tooth decay. Even though some people might be more susceptible towards cavities than others, proper dental care can help tremendously.


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