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This page was published on May 6, 2014, edited on Feb 23, 2018 by Dr. Marina Krepkh (Pediatric Dentist) of Kids Dentistry Center

Pre-eruption guidance is a form of therapy that aims to intercept problems before they can become more severe or harder to correct. It’s possible for pediatric dentists to identify signs of teeth overcrowding or jaw problems while children are still growing. Young children can be the perfect candidates for this therapy as it is designed to take full advantage of the child’s physical growth.

Primary Goal of Treatment

Pre Eruption Guidance pediatric dentist Brooklyn NYThe primary aim of treatment is to help provide a solid foundation for permanent teeth, through using therapies that help create room for erupting teeth before they even appear in the mouth.

The use of pre-eruption guidance appliances, and if necessary carefully timed extractions of milk teeth, can help the adult teeth to align naturally in the mouth as they come through the gums.

This can be more effective than waiting until the teeth have erupted, and relying on orthodontic appliances that mechanically move the teeth into correct positions. The use of pre-eruption guidance can produce a more stable tooth alignment compared to other treatments.

Why Is Pre-Eruption Guidance Important?

Early orthodontic care can help guide the teeth and jaws into the correct positions, creating a more harmonious relationship between the teeth and jaws and increasing the likelihood of long-term stability.

Treatment can help reduce the time needed for orthodontic treatment later on, and may help eliminate the need for permanent teeth to be extracted, or for corrective jaw surgery. Front teeth that stick out too far are more prone towards accidents, and early treatment can help reduce this risk.

When Can Pre-Eruption Guidance Treatment Begin?

By the time your child is age 7 they will probably have their permanent front teeth and their first permanent molars, and this is an excellent age to begin pre-eruption guidance treatment as it can be used to correct dental and skeletal problems.

Around this age many more permanent teeth will begin to erupt, and guiding these tooth eruptions can help correct common malocclusions or bite problems. Your child’s muscles and bones will be growing rapidly, and treatment takes advantage of this physical growth. Problems that can be treated during this stage of development include:

  • Overbites where the front teeth protrude too far forward of the lower teeth
  • Protrusive lower jaws or underbites
  • Crossbites, which are caused by a narrow upper jaw so the upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth
  • Open bites, where the front teeth do not come into contact when the child bites down on their back teeth

Other issues that can be treated at this time include prolonged finger and thumb sucking, problems with overcrowded teeth, and mouth breathing and abnormal swallowing habits.

Treatment can focus on correcting skeletal problems, child dental problems or both. Our pediatric dentist can design custom made appliances that may be removable or fixed. The aim is to help realign the teeth and jaws and to balance facial growth.

The use of pre-eruption guidance treatment and appliances could mean your child will not need braces once all their permanent teeth have erupted, or that the time required for orthodontic treatment will be shortened.

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