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This page was published on Apr 9, 2014, edited on Oct 31, 2018 by Dr. Marina Krepkh (Pediatric Dentist) of Kids Dentistry Center

Dr. Marina Krepkh, Pediatric Dentist in Brooklyn offer the most advanced restorative treatments available including white, bpa free fillings, white crowns and fluoride treatment. Filling a cavity protects the health of your child’s tooth, but white fillings are also used to repair chipped, broken or worn teeth —processes known as restorative treatments.


Composite White, BPA Free Fillings

Unfortunately children can have tooth decay, even in their primary or milk teeth. One way to repair these teeth is to use composite white, BPA free fillings. Composite resin fillings are made from a mixture of glass and plastic resin which bonds very strongly to natural teeth. These fillings are tooth colored and are extremely safe for use.

There are several advantages in choosing this type of filling compared to traditional silver colored amalgam fillings.

What Is the Procedure for Placing a Composite White Filling? Any Disadvantages?

Pulp Treatment for Primary Teeth

A pulp treatment on a primary tooth is called a pulpotomy, and is where the inflamed pulp chamber is cleaned out, and all the infected tissues removed before the area is sterilized and permanently sealed. The pulp chamber contains the pulp, which consists of nerves, connective tissues and the blood supply to the tooth.

This treatment is usually carried out on baby molars, but is sometimes performed on permanent teeth. You might hear it being referred to as a baby tooth root canal, but it’s really quite different from a traditional root canal and is a very common procedure for children.

When Is It Necessary to Have a Pulpotomy? What Is the Process for a Pulpotomy?

Esthetic Crowns for Primary (Baby) Teeth

When is it Necessary to Crown Baby Teeth?

It can be upsetting to learn your child has cavities, and to be faced with the prospect of repairing the tooth while causing the minimum amount of discomfort for your child. Small cavities can be repaired with simple fillings, but if the decay is more significant, it might be necessary for our pediatric dentist to cap or crown the tooth.

A dental crown protects the whole of the tooth, covering it up completely right down to the gum line. This protects the remaining portion of the tooth against further decay and prevents bacteria in the mouth from entering the tooth.

When is it Necessary to Crown Baby Teeth? All Ceramic or Zirconia Crowns?

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