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Pediatric Dental Treatments That Help Reduce Tooth Decay

Pediatric Dental Treatments That Help Reduce Tooth Decay

If you are a parent or look after a young child, then you’ll want to make sure their teeth are strong and healthy. Tooth decay is an ever present risk and many kids have this problem. While good home dental care is important, did you know your kid’s dentist can do a lot to help strengthen their teeth? In fact there are various pediatric dental treatments that can help protect or strengthen teeth, reducing the risk of tooth decay.

How Dental Sealants Can Help

The chewing surfaces of back teeth are particularly vulnerable to decay and many people have cavities in these areas. This is because of the way the chewing surfaces are formed as they have lots of tiny grooves and fissures that can be very tricky to keep clean. These fissures can often attract bacteria and food, greatly increasing the risk of tooth decay. One of the easy pediatric dental treatments to protect these surfaces is to seal them completely using kids dental sealants, or you might hear them called fissure sealants. These work by completely sealing all the grooves and fissures, creating a smooth surface that is very easy to keep clean. After the teeth have been sealed then it’s impossible for bacteria to get into the chewing surfaces ensuring they stay strong and healthy.

When Dental Sealants Are Applied

Dr. Marina Krepkh or any of the dentists at the Kids Dentistry Center will be able to apply dental sealants to your kid’s teeth. One thing to bear in mind is that dental sealants can only be used on healthy teeth, which is why it’s so important to get this treatment done as soon as your child’s adult teeth have erupted. If your kid is already a patient at our dental clinic then will have been keeping a close eye on their tooth development and can recommend the most suitable time for these pediatric dental treatments.

Pediatric Dental Treatments – Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatment is one of pediatric dental treatments that help protect teeth; this is because fluoride helps to harden tooth enamel and it also interrupts the formation of bacteria in the mouth. There are several types of fluoride treatments available and the easiest is simply having a dose of professional strength fluoride mouthwash which can be given at the end of a checkup or cleaning. All your child needs to do is to swell the mouthwash around for a minute before spitting it out. Alternatively fluoride gel or foam can be used in mouth trays that are left in the mouth for a few minutes so that the fluoride can penetrate the teeth. Fluoride varnish is painted onto newly cleaned teeth and is left overnight to penetrate the teeth before being brushed off the following morning.

Get an Assessment of Your Child’s Risk of Tooth Decay

As well as supplying pediatric dental treatments, our pediatric dentists can assess your child’s risk of developing cavities. From there they can provide you with a customized treatment plan for your child which will help lower this risk. This is a very simple and noninvasive way to reduce your child’s risk of needing fillings. The treatment plan can include dietary advice as often making a few straightforward changes to their eating habits can greatly reduce the risk of cavities.


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