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Pediatric Cavities Treatment: Halting Tooth Decay

Pediatric Cavities Treatment: Halting Tooth Decay

In an ideal world where preventing cavities always works, every child we see here at the kids Dentistry Center, would have healthy and decay-free teeth. Unfortunately many children will get at least one cavity during their lifetime and there is a variety of pediatric dental treatment options which will help to save the affected tooth. These can repair the tooth, restoring its strength and structure so your kid can bite and chew normally and without fear of the tooth fracturing. Most importantly, pediatric cavities treatment will help prevent or relieve discomfort and pain as toothache is never pleasant.

Mending Small Cavities

Our hope is to catch tooth decay when any cavities are still relatively small and easy to treat. When we find a small cavity, the way of pediatric cavities treatment is to remove the area of decay before filling the tooth with an appropriate material. If the tooth is right in the front of the mouth then this will be a tooth colored composite resin so they’ll still have a nice smile. After the tooth has been filled it should be as good as new and your kid will be able to eat and drink normally as soon as the local anesthetic has worn off.

Larger Pediatric Cavities Treatment

If your child has a larger cavity that has already destroyed a substantial part of their tooth, we will need to take a different approach. In this case of pediatric cavities treatment it may not be possible to place a filling as this may not be strong enough to replace the tooth structure that has been destroyed; a weakened tooth is more at risk of fracturing when your kid bites down on anything hard or quite crunchy. Where a tooth has lost quite a bit of its original structure, we may suggest it is covered up completely with a crown. This will protect the tooth from any further destruction. The type of crown used will depend on whether the tooth is a primary or milk tooth or is one of their adult teeth.

Pediatric Crowns

If it is a primary tooth we can use a pediatric crown. This has a stainless steel substructure and will have a tooth colored composite resin facing so it looks good. This type of pediatric crown can be placed in one appointment as they are pre-made and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and colors. Dr. Marina Krepkh or any of our pediatric dentists are very skilled in adapting these pre-made crowns to fit a kids tooth once all the decay has been removed. The crown will fall out with the primary tooth once the adult tooth is ready to come through.

Crowns for Adult Teeth

If your kid already has their permanent teeth then during pediatric cavities treatment  a different solution will be needed. In this case we can custom-make their crown so it closely matches a natural tooth, restoring structure and appearance. This is likely to require a dental impression so the crown can be made in our dental laboratory. The final result should be a tooth that looks great and which will last for years before it needs replacing.



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