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Back To School Dental Care Appointment

Why Do You Need Back To School Dental Care Appointment?

Going back to school is probably the last thing any child wants to think about, but as a parent you can help them prepare. You’re probably used to stocking up on school supplies or perhaps buying them a brand-new wardrobe before they begin their new term, but have you thought about booking a back-to-school dental care appointment?

There is no doubt good education is extremely important, and as a parent or primary caregiver you can help make sure your child is able to concentrate and do well at school by ensuring they have healthy teeth and gums. It can be very distracting for anyone to suffer from toothache, let alone a child.

Book Any Dental Care Treatments before the New Term Begins

Making sure they are up-to-date with all their dental care appointments and that any necessary treatments are completed before the term begins will help them settle in more quickly so they can concentrate on the important business of learning and of course enjoying socializing with their friends. They’ll be able to do this with confidence, knowing their smile looks attractive and healthy. In addition it’s much easier for you to schedule any dental care appointments while they are off school rather than needing to notify teachers about any absences.

If they wear braces then book any appointments for adjustments before they go back to school. They can also be a good time to think about having braces fitted as it will allow them a bit of time to acclimatize to wearing them as they can feel strange at first and there might be some slight discomfort.

Encourage Healthy Dental Care Habits

Children’s mouths change quickly during early childhood, especially as they begin to lose their baby teeth and gain their permanent adult teeth. Habits learned at this time can serve them well for life. Encourage your child to brush their teeth regularly, at least twice a day or even after every meal. You can provide them with a small travel toothbrush and toothpaste to take with them to school. Make the experience more fun for them by allowing them to choose whichever toothbrush they’d like alongside any toothpaste, provided of course it has fluoride.

Flossing Does Matter

In addition it’s important to encourage them to floss every single day, and you may need to buy them with their own special dental floss. There are so many different types of floss on the market and it’s quite likely that one size will not suit every member of your household. While it might be a hassle to provide everyone with their own personal dental floss, it’s far cheaper and easier than dealing with the consequences of tooth decay or gum disease.

Encourage Healthy Food Choices for Better Dental Care

Tooth decay is a very common childhood problem, and you can help minimize your child’s risk of developing cavities through encouraging healthy food choices. Make sure you have a stock of tooth friendly foods at home, and include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in their packed lunch in addition to some source of calcium such as cheese or natural yogurt. Pack bottled water rather than fruit juice as this can be high in sugar and it’s always better to encourage them to eat the whole fruit.

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