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My Kid's Adult Teeth Come in behind Baby Teeth: What Can I Do?

My Kid’s Adult Teeth Come in behind Baby Teeth: What Can I Do?

This can be quite alarming for parents and caregivers to see, when a child’s permanent teeth begin growing behind their baby teeth. Normally, as the adult teeth get ready to come through the roots of the baby teeth begin to dissolve so these teeth gradually become loose and will eventually fall out leaving room for the permanent teeth. However sometimes this doesn’t happen and the adult or permanent teeth will come in right behind the baby teeth. There are several different names for this condition one of which is shark teeth which is easier to remember than lingually erupting mandibular incisors! This condition affects the lower front teeth. So why does this happen?

Why Adult Teeth Can Come in behind Baby Teeth

There are a few theories as to why this condition can occur as some dentists think it’s because the roots of the baby teeth don’t dissolve, leaving the adult teeth no option but to come in behind them where there is least resistance, while another theory is that permanent teeth begin growing behind the baby teeth because of overcrowding, or crowding of teeth. Yet another school of thought thinks that the permanent teeth begin developing behind the baby teeth just because they haven’t made it quite as far forward as they should have done.

How Serious Is This Condition?

It’s estimated this condition affects about one in 10 children so it’s really quite common. Often the problem will resolve itself without any treatment, with the baby teeth eventually falling out without the need for any treatment. If the condition doesn’t resolve itself, then you’ll find our pediatric dentists at the Kids Dentistry Center can provide suitable treatment.

What We Can Do to Help

If your child’s baby teeth seem reluctant to get out of the way for the adult teeth behind them and nothing changes in a couple of weeks, give us a call to book an appointment with Dr Marina Krepkh or with any or our pediatric dentists so we can take a closer look. If necessary, we can remove the baby teeth. Sometimes we will carry out this treatment and there still won’t be sufficient room left behind for the adult teeth. In this case we may remove a small amount of tooth enamel from the sides of the remaining baby teeth so the permanent teeth can move into the correct positions. It’s important that we ensure there is sufficient room for your child’s adult teeth to come in naturally as this helps reduce the chances of them requiring orthodontic treatment in the future. Our aim is to make sure that your child grows up with a healthy, straight and attractive smile.

Keep in Touch with Your Pediatric Dentist

Shark teeth can be slightly alarming to see but just remember that this condition isn’t serious and is quite common. If you do have any questions then remember that the friendly dental team at the Kids Dentistry Center is always here to help you and to answer any queries you might have about your child’s dental health.


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