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Moms Teach Most of Us Our Early Dental Care Habits

Moms Teach Most of Us Our Early Dental Care Habits

Recent research carried out in the United Kingdom found that most times our knowledge of dental care habits comes from our moms. More than two thirds of us are taught how to brush our teeth as children by our mom and apparently we are nearly 4 times as likely to have taught ourselves to brush our teeth, at 18% of the survey respondents, compared to being taught by a father at just 5% of those surveyed. The survey show that less than half of parents will show their children how to brush their teeth before the age of two and 23% will begin developing the right dental care habits in young children when they are between the ages of two and five.

Early Childhood Dental Care Habits Are so Important

If you ask any of the pediatric dentists at the Kids Dentistry Center then they’ll underline the need for good dental care habits from a very early age. Early childhood tooth decay is a common problem right throughout the world as many parents still underestimate the need for good oral health during their child’s early years. In fact numerous studies have shown that children who are taught good dental care habits early on are far more likely to continue looking after their teeth well into adulthood as they will have established a solid oral health routine.

Begin Making Dental Care Part of Your Baby’s Daily Routine

Dentists advise developing good dental care habits as a part of baby’s daily routine from a very early age and to begin cleaning their teeth as soon as they erupt through the gums. Parents may find it easier to sit behind their baby so they can hold their chin in their hands to reach the top and bottom teeth more easily. It’s only necessary to use a tiny smear of fluoride toothpaste on a soft bristled baby toothbrush. Once all the teeth have erupted then parents can use a small soft toothbrush and should concentrate on tooth brushing using small circular movements. Children need to be supervised when brushing their teeth until they reach the age of seven and it’s vitally important to make sure they brush for two minutes each time as it’s all too easy to overestimate the time spent brushing teeth.

Pediatric Dental Care

You can book your kid’s first dental visit to us by age 1 or as soon as that first tooth begins to show. You’ll find Dr. Marina Krepkh, DDS or any of the dentists here at the Kids Dentistry Center are extremely gentle with young children and these early visits are merely a quick examination and are more about getting young children use to the sights, sounds and smells of a dental office.

Our Pediatric Dentists Can Teach You How to Brush Your Kid’s Teeth Correctly

If you are a new mom or dad and are worried about how to brush your kid’s teeth then please ask us for advice. We can soon show you how to do it correctly causing minimum fuss and stress for everyone concerned. If your little one resists tooth cleaning then you will need to persevere until they understand it’s nonnegotiable. It shouldn’t take long before good dental care habits become just part of their daily routine and they’ll definitely thank you for it when they become adults with healthy, strong and attractive smiles.


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