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Kid's Dentistry Center in Brooklyn Warns: Beware of Juices

Kids Dentistry Center in Brooklyn Warns: Beware of Juices

Are fruit juices worse than sodas for kid’s teeth? Kids Dentistry Center in Brooklyn informs that according to one UK study, this could well be the case. A group called Action on Sugar found that more than a quarter of fruit drinks and juices, as well as those oh so healthy smoothies, contained more sugar than one of the world’s most well-known brand of soda. This is staggering as just 3 ounces of this popular drink contains a massive one third of an ounce of sugar. The study was quite extensive as more than 200 products that were marketed as being healthy were analyzed and it was found they contained as much or even more sugar than in many household name sodas.

This will be alarming news for many parents who struggle to get their children to eat healthily, and who think they are doing the right thing by purchasing these types of so-called healthy drinks. Pediatric dentists at Kids Dentistry Center in Brooklyn recommend these concerned parents and care-givers to read the labels carefully, and to try to purchase juice made from fresh fruits.

So if you are a parent, then what can you do if you currently give your child a lot of these types of fruit drinks?

Reduce Fruit Juices Consumption

Hopefully you will want to cut down their consumption after reading this but it would be near impossible and impractical to cut fruit juices and smoothies out altogether. While reading the labels can be useful, you are probably going to want to give your kid the occasional glass of fruit juice and it can help to provide it as part of a meal rather than as a snack in between meals.

Replace Juices with Water

Specialists at Kids Dentistry Center in Brooklyn note that one way to minimize contact with their teeth is to provide a straw, or else make sure they rinse their mouth with water afterwards. If you can, get them into the habit of drinking plain water as this will keep them hydrated without decaying their teeth. Try to encourage them to eat the whole fruit rather than just opting for the juice. If you have very young children, resist the temptation to put fruit juice into their bottle, particularly when they go to bed. This is because the sugars in the juice will stay on their teeth overnight, greatly increasing their chances of developing cavities.

Consult with Pediatric Dentists at Kids Dentistry Center in Brooklyn

The Kids Dentistry Center in Brooklyn can also help you with this problem, and it is worth talking to Dr. Marina Krepkh for dietary advice that can be customized for your child. Dr. Krepkh can also provide more practical help to reduce your kid’s risk of tooth decay. This can be particularly useful if their risk is higher.

Protect Kid’s Teeth with Dental Sealants

One treatment at Kids Dentistry Center in Brooklyn that might be helpful is dental sealants which protect the chewing surfaces of the back teeth from developing cavities through sealing them with a very thin plastic coating. Kids Dentistry Center in Brooklyn recommends children have dental sealants as soon as their adult teeth come through, but sometimes it can be useful to protect their milk teeth with sealants. Even though these teeth only last for a few years, they do need looking after so they are not lost too soon as this can cause a lot of problems that affect the way the adult teeth erupt.

Fluoride treatments can help harden tooth surfaces so they become more resistant to the acids produced by sugar loving bacteria in the mouth, and are easily given at Kids Dentistry Center in Brooklyn.

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