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Kids Dental Problems: Do You Know What to Do?

Kids Dental Problems: Do You Know What to Do?

Kids dental problems include injuries such as knocked out or chipped teeth or tooth decay. While some issues can be prevented with pediatric dental care and good oral hygiene, others aren’t so easily avoided. So do you know how to deal with kids dental emergencies?

Take Your Child to a Kids Dental Specialist in Case of a Problem

If your child complains about toothache, then it is best to book an appointment with one of our great kids dental specialists, for example Dr. Marina Krepkh. A pediatric dentist is a better option than a general dentist or taking a child to an emergency room, as pediatric dentists are specialists in treating children. Here at the Kids Dentistry Center, we have gone out of way to make our practice a welcoming and friendly place for kids. This can be particularly helpful for a child who is perhaps already frightened and in pain. Of course there may be occasions where going to the emergency room is the best option but we’ve put together a few guidelines on how to cope with less serious situations.


Teething can result in a child having a decreased appetite, their gums may be swollen and they may be more irritable and fussy than normal. When a baby is teething then allowing them to chew on a chilled but not frozen pacifier or teething ring can be useful or you can use a cold, wet washcloth. Sometimes gently rubbing their gums with a clean finger will help relieve the pressure and you’ll find your pharmacist can offer advice about suitable over-the-counter pain reliever.

Tooth Decay

There are often few symptoms with early tooth decay while deeper cavities can become sensitive or painful. This kids dental problem can be avoided by making sure your child visits a pediatric dentist regularly. (Read also: Pediatric Dental Treatments That Help Reduce Tooth Decay).

Good oral hygiene is also vital as is using fluoride toothpaste as this will help to harden their tooth enamel, reducing the risk of cavities.


Pain caused by toothache can range from a dull ache or minor sensitivity to a sharp pain if the child has a tooth infection. If your child has begun to complain of a sensitive tooth, particularly when they eat something hot or cold or which is very sweet or sour, then don’t delay and book them an appointment for a check-up as they could have tooth decay. If they have a painful toothache, then book them an appointment to come and see us. We always make every effort to see a child who is in pain as soon as we can. In the meantime a warm-water mouth rinse, or a cold washcloth applied to the outside of the face can help relieve some of the discomfort. Over-the-counter pain relief can be helpful, but never apply aspirin directly to the affect tooth or gum as it can burn the gum tissue.

Displaced Tooth

This is definitely a dental emergency and will require immediate treatment. Call us if it is during practice hours, but otherwise you might need to take your child to an emergency room. Don’t try to reposition the tooth on your own, unless it has been knocked out completely.

Knocked Out Tooth

If your kid knocks out a tooth, contact us as soon as possible. Contact information can be found on our site: www.kidsbestdentistnyc.com. Baby teeth shouldn’t be reinserted, but it might be possible to reinsert an adult tooth within the first half an hour to an hour after the accident. If we aren’t open, take your child to an emergency room for immediate treatment.


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