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Kids Dental Care: Avoid Making These Common Mistakes

Kids Dental Care: Avoid Making These Common Mistakes

Every parent and caregiver wants their child to grow up with a healthy smile, but here at the Kids Dentistry Center, we find there are a few mistakes and misconceptions with kids dental care that are all too commonly made by caring parents. We have listed a few of them below.

Waiting Too Long for Your Child’s First Dental Visit

This is a very common mistake as often people think a child only need to visit a dentist aged two or three, or even older. In fact your child’s first dental visit should take place soon after you see that first tooth push through their gums or by their first birthday. (Learn also: What to Expect at Your Kid’s First Dental Visit at Age One?) This is young, but it’s a great idea to begin getting a child used to visiting the dentist as soon as possible. The importance of early dental visits before any dental problems can develop cannot be overrated. Your child will grow up associating regular dental care with normal everyday life, rather than seeing it as being something that is threatening or scary. Another great thing about coming to see us at this stage is that you will find Dr. Marina Krepkh  and all our pediatric dentists are excellent at offering helpful practical advice and information on kids dental care at home.

Thinking Cavities in Baby Teeth Don’t Matter in Kids Dental Care

Some people think that if baby teeth become decayed then it doesn’t matter, as after all they will be replaced with adult teeth in just a few years. If your child has a decayed or infected tooth then it’s likely they will be in discomfort or even in quite a bit of pain. This can affect their ability to concentrate at school and it may impact their overall health. Additionally children with broken down and decayed teeth can often feel quite self-conscious about their appearance. Your child’s baby teeth do matter which is why we thoroughly recommend a regime of preventative kids dental care to keep teeth healthy and strong until they are ready to fall out naturally.

Allowing Children to Drink Sports Drinks and Soda

Growing kids do need a good source of energy but they shouldn’t be finding this from sugary and highly acidic drinks. If your child is very active then it can be tempting to give them an energy replenishing sports drink but this could substantially damage their teeth. The sugar in these drinks fuels bacterial growth while the acids will soften tooth enamel, increasing the risk of tooth decay. Ideally, water is the best way to help your child rehydrate and tooth friendly snacks such as cheese and crisp fruits and veggies can provide additional energy. Read also: Foods Kids Should Avoid for Healthy Teeth and Gums.

Allowing Children to Play Sports Without a Mouthguard

Every year we see quite a few sports injuries that have resulted in children’s teeth becoming chipped or damaged or even knocked out. This is such a shame as we can make custom-made mouthguards that help protect kids teeth while playing sports and which are very comfortable to wear. These can be a great investment in your child’s dental health as if they damage an adult tooth they could end up with costly restorative bills for life.

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