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What Can You Do If Your Kid Has a Dental Emergency?

What Can You Do If Your Kid Has a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can be distressing for both kids and parents or caregivers, but unfortunately they are all too common. Around one third of children will experience some sort of dental trauma and an even greater number have had a dental emergency.

Are Kids More at Risk of Dental Emergency at Certain Age?

Your child is at greater risk of a dental emergency or some sort of dental trauma at two points during their lifetime, which are during toddlerhood, and the years running up to and during adolescence. The reason dental trauma is more common in toddlerhood is because this is the time when young children begin to explore their surroundings, while sporting injuries become more common later on during adolescence.

Dealing with Toothache and Its Causes

Toothache is incredibly common, it can occur at any age and it is quite a dental emergency. It doesn’t develop without a reason, and it could be something as simple as having food stuck in between the teeth. Even a relatively small piece of food can become impacted and is sufficient to move the teeth slightly out of position, resulting in pain or discomfort. The best thing to do is to try very gently flossing and brushing your child’s teeth to see if anything is stuck. If this doesn’t work then contact the Kid

s Dentistry Center for an appointment with Dr. Marina Krepkh.  Toothache can also be caused by a cavity in a tooth, or by a tooth that has fractured or chipped and which has become infected. Erupting wisdom teeth can cause pain in teenagers.

What about a Knocked out Tooth?

This dental emergency requires quick action as it is sometimes possible to save the tooth and to re-insert it, but is generally only successful if carried out within the first half an hour to an hour. If your child knocks out a tooth, pick up the tooth by its crown (the part of the tooth normally visible) and rinse off any dirt. Don’t touch the tooth root and don’t attempt to remove any loose pieces of tissue. It is up to you whether you try to reinsert the tooth yourself or if you bring it to our dental office, but if you do then make sure it is facing the right way round, and get your kid to hold it in position with a clean finger until you can get to see us for emergency treatment with Dr. Marina Krepkh, or another pediatric dentist at the Kids Dentistry Center.

It Looks as If a Tooth Has Been Pushed Inwards: What Can I Do?

Sometimes an injury will result in a tooth being pushed into the jawbone. If this happens it is best to visit a pediatric dentist as soon as you can. Dr. Krepkh or another dentist will be able to assess the damage to the tooth and the surrounding socket, and can then take the appropriate action. It might be possible to leave the tooth alone to see if it recovers, or alternatively it may require treatment to help preserve it. It all depends on how far inwards the tooth has gone, and whether it is a permanent or primary tooth.

The Kids Dentistry Center is always here to help with advice or emergency appointments to deal with kids dental emergency.


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