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Invisible Braces for Kids: Learn about Invisalign Teen

Invisible Braces for Kids: Learn about Invisalign Teen

If your kid has been told they need dental braces then you probably want to explore all available options for them, especially if you remember yourself as a child wearing braces that were highly visible train tracks. One possible solution could be to use invisible braces. These consist of clear aligners and the most popular company producing these is called Invisalign. However, these types of braces only tend to be suitable for older teenagers and there is even a specific braces system that has been developed for them which is called Invisalign Teen.

Invisalign Teen

These particular invisible braces have several different innovative features to help orthodontic treatment fit in with a teenager’s busy lifestyle. It includes several sets of replacement aligners at no additional cost, as let’s face it teenagers can often mislay things! One thing that is important to remember about removable braces is that compliance is absolutely vital.

If you think your child is likely to forget to wear their aligners or may be tempted to leave them out on frequent occasions, then it may be better for them to have fixed braces that will be working all the time to correct their bite. Otherwise a system such as Invisalign may not be as effective. The aligners produced for Invisalign Teen actually have built-in wear indicators. These are blue wear indicators that are located towards the back of the aligners and which gradually fade as the aligners are worn.

So What Are the Advantages in Opting for Invisible Braces?

One main advantage in choosing invisible braces system is the fact that the aligners are easy to remove. Your kid can take them out whenever they eat or drink something so they won’t need to change their diet and avoid very hard or sticky foods. They’ll be able to brush and floss as they always have done and there will be no need for them to spend extra time flossing around brackets and wires. This can make it much easier for a child to maintain good dental health throughout treatment. Then there is the issue of how they’ll look during treatment as it can be really nice for a self-conscious teen to have the option of using invisible braces.

Are Invisible Braces Always the Best Choice?

Not necessarily, but the only way to find out for sure is to book an appointment for your child to visit one of our pediatric dentists at the Kids Dentistry Center for a proper assessment. You’ll find all our dentists are very easy to talk to, in particular Dr. Marina Krepkh and we will give you an honest opinion about which braces system will be best.

Removable Braces vs. Fixed Braces

While removable braces may be nice, it could be that fixed braces will provide better results, especially if your child has more extensive orthodontic problems requiring correction. The great thing about using fixed braces is that they will be working continually to move your child’s teeth and the modern technologies used can often complete treatment quite quickly. In addition, today’s braces are often far more discreet than the old train tracks of old and after all it’s only going to be a year or so as of your child’s life. At the end of treatment they should have a beautifully straight and healthy smile and a nice profile. Provided they wear their retainers, they’ll hopefully be able to have the benefits of this treatment for life.


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