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How Kids Dental Health Can Be Affected by Mouth Breathing

How Kids Dental Health Can Be Affected by Mouth Breathing

Mouth breathing is quite common amongst children and it’s easy to dismiss this habit as not being any kind of problem. In addition, children don’t tend to complain about not being able to breathe freely through their nose as they may be unaware this isn’t normal. You may have noticed your child has difficulty breathing through their nose and tends to usually breathe through their mouth. Then it could be worth asking Dr. Marina Krepkh or another of our friendly pediatric dentists here at the Kids Dentistry Center for a consultation. (You can book an appointment on site: www.kidsbestdentistnyc.com). It’s just possible the problem is related to kids dental health and it could be easily resolved through suitable treatment.

Signs That Your Child May Only Be Able to Breathe Through Their Mouth

There are lots of different signs and symptoms that your child may have trouble breathing freely through their nose. One common problem with children who are unable to breathe freely through their nose is that they will tend to snore or they may even have sleep apnea. (Learn also: What Does It Mean If Your Kid Is Snoring?). As a result of snoring, you may notice they have frequent bad breath or it could seem as if they have never received quite enough sleep even though you know they are going to bed at a reasonable hour. Children who breathe through their mouth can often have minor illnesses, in particular sinus infections or colds or ear infections. When you look at their facial features, you might notice their face is quite long or narrow and this can result in them having overcrowded teeth due to a narrower palate.

How Orthodontic Evaluation and Treatment Can Help

When you bring your child in our kids dental clinic for an appointment with our pediatric dentist then we can assess them to see if an orthodontic evaluation might be useful. Our orthodontist can see children as early as age 6 or seven (read also: What Is the Best Age for My Kid’s Orthodontic Evaluation?). While this might seem very young there are several advantages of interceptive orthodontic care. At this age their facial bones are still quite soft and are growing. Our orthodontist can design treatments that will take advantage of this facial growth and development, making it easier to expand a narrow upper palate so there is sufficient room for adult teeth that are still waiting to come through.

We Work with Allergists and ENT Specialists

We can also use a number of different appliances to deal with the issue of mouth breathing and these can help them to breathe more freely while creating a more pleasing facial profile that will last for life. Quite often when a child is breathing through their mouth, we may work with other specialists including allergists or an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist as sometimes mouth breathing is caused by enlarged tonsils or adenoids.

Breathing Properly Can Reduce Risk to Kids Dental Health

Once treatment is completed your child should be able to breathe much more freely and more comfortably. You will probably notice their breath improves and being able to breathe through the nose will help kids dental health. One of the problems with mouth breathing is that it creates a much drier atmosphere in the mouth, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. This risk will be reduced once they can breathe properly.


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