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Home Dental Care: Ways to Get Your Kid Interested

Home Dental Care: Ways to Get Your Kid Interested

Weary parents and caregivers know that bedtimes can be a battleground, not least because of tooth brushing and flossing. You want your child to grow up with strong healthy teeth and a great smile, but what happens if they kick up a fuss every time you try to clean their teeth, or are less than enthusiastic about home dental care? We know many parents find it difficult to manage to clean their kid’s teeth regularly and it may seem easier to give up the home dental care. We’d like to encourage you not to do this, as persevering at this stage will eventually pay off, we promise!

Tips on Getting Children Interested in Home Dental Care

Try to turn a chore into something fun through getting them involved in the process. Make it fun by allowing them to pick out their own toothbrush and colored floss. Drugstores have an amazing choice of kid’s toothbrushes and it’s likely at least one will have their favorite character. Kid’s toothpaste can come in a variety of different flavors rather than just boring old mint, so let them choose something appealing to them. Most young children will need a lot of guidance when they first begin to brush on their own and you can help by showing them how you brush your own teeth, or by guiding their hand as they brush.

Talk to Your Kid about Why Home Dental Care Is so Important

Talk to your child about why it’s so important they look after their teeth and you can even share your own personal experiences of dental care as a child. They will gradually come to understand that a great smile has to be looked after and will not happen on its own.  Dr. Marina Krepkh or any of the great pediatric dentists at the Kids Dentistry Center can also talk to your child about the importance of home dental care, in a way that makes it interesting while being easy to take in all the facts. Dr. Krepkh is particularly good with young children.

Offer an Incentive Scheme

A rewards system can work really well. Start a chart for them to fill in every time they brush for two minutes and every time they floss, or when you are able to do this for them without too much of a fuss. Sit down with them and discuss the reward they’ll get after successfully carrying out these tasks for a pre-determined length of time. Choose an incentive they’ll enjoy, but which preferably doesn’t involve any sugary foods!

Getting Them Used to Dental Visits

The Kids Dentistry Center is designed to help all our young patients relax and enjoy their dental visits. Our child oriented waiting room is packed full with entertaining toys and games and all our dental team are extremely good with children. In spite of this we know some children find the experience overwhelming at first and it can help if a parent explains why it is important to visit the dentist regularly and that the experience is nothing to be feared. You’ll find we are very gentle with nervous children and over time we hope to gain their trust. Regular dental checkups help reinforce the idea that visiting the pediatric dentist is just routine, particularly when they find no treatment is required thanks to their great home dental care. By this stage visiting the dentist might just become fun.

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