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Frenectomy: Why Your Kid Might Need This Oral Procedure

Frenectomy: Why Your Kid Might Need This Oral Procedure

Pediatric dentists can sometimes forget that parents and caregivers don’t know all the dental terms, so what does it mean if your child’s pediatric dentist casually remarks that your child might need a frenectomy? There’s nothing to be concerned about as this is very straight forward.

What Is a Frenectomy?

A frenectomy is simply referring to a small oral procedure that will remove the frenum in the mouth. The frenum is a small piece of muscle that connects two tissues and there are two frena in the mouth that can sometimes cause problems, obstructing normal function and creating the need for a frenectomy.

What Are Frena?

Frena is the plural for frenum. One of these frena is called the lingual frenum and it connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth while the other is called the labial frenum and this connects the inside of the upper lip to the gums, just above the two front teeth.

What Will Happen during a Lingual Frenectomy?

Sometimes the lingual frenum is restrictively tight and can extend all the way to the tip of the tongue causing a condition called tongue tie or ankyloglossia. This is relatively common in small children and is a very straightforward procedure that will help them move their tongue more comfortably. This procedure is simple and quick and our pediatric dentist will numb the tongue with local anesthetic. Next small incision is made to free the tongue from the floor of the mouth. Finally the incision will be sewn up and the tissues will soon heal. Afterwards your child should find it much easier to eat and speak and to swallow food.

What Will Happen during a Labial Frenectomy?

A labial frenectomy can result in a large gap developing in between the two front teeth, but often a labial frenum will not cause any problems and may not require treatment unless it is causing pain or discomfort. With this treatment, it’s often delayed until the upper permanent teeth have erupted as often this can naturally close up any gap between the two front teeth. If the gap does open up then one way to treat it is using braces but if the teeth begin to drift apart again then our Dr. Marina Krepkh or another of our pediatric dentists may suggest a labial frenectomy. This won’t be carried out unless the gap in between the teeth is closed as sometimes scar tissue can form which makes correcting this gap much harder to close afterwards.

Our Approach to Any Surgical Procedure for Kids

We realize contemplating any type of surgical procedure can be quite worrying for parents and caregivers, which is why we are always here to chat to you and to answer any questions you might have concerning your child’s dental care. During any procedure, we always take the utmost care to ensure our young patients are kept safe, comfortable and relaxed and if you have visited our pediatric dentistry center before then your already know what a great atmosphere we have created to help make kids feel welcome when they visit the dentist.


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