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Early Tooth Loss: When Your Kid's Baby Teeth Fall out Too Soon

Early Tooth Loss: When Your Kid’s Baby Teeth Fall out Too Soon

Losing a baby tooth is a rite of passage and can be an exciting event for children, especially as the tooth fairy might leave them something in exchange for their milk tooth. However some children will experience anxiety at the sensation of a tooth becoming loose. Sometimes the area around the tooth can become slightly swollen and painful as the tooth begins to break free of the nerves holding it in place. But how to address an early tooth loss when your child’s baby teeth are lost too soon?

How to Relieve Discomfort Accompanied by Milk Tooth Loss

If your child does experience any pain or discomfort or is finding it difficult to eat comfortably, then you might need to switch them to a softer diet for a few days.  Make sure you choose health food so they don’t miss out on any vital nutrition, such as pureed fruits and vegetables or vegetable soups and other soft foods such as scrambled eggs and omelets. Another trick that can sometimes help is to use a cold compress that can be held against your child’s cheek to help relieve swelling and pain. After losing the first tooth and experiencing their reward from the tooth fairy, hopefully your child will find the experience much more bearable as their milk teeth gradually fall out to make room for their adult teeth.

What Happens If My Child Loses a Baby Tooth Too Soon?

If your child loses a baby tooth prematurely (experiences an early tooth loss) then Dr. Marina Krepkh or another of our excellent pediatric dentists at the Kids Dentistry Center may need to take a slightly different approach. We know quite a few parents don’t think milk teeth are particularly relevant as they are only in position for a few years before naturally falling out. Unfortunately this is not the case and milk teeth are vital, particularly for helping to hold open the correct amount of space for adult teeth. When a milk tooth is lost to soon, the teeth adjacent to the gap can begin to drift out of place, closing up the space meant for the adult tooth so when it eventually tries to erupt it is more likely to come through crooked or out of place.

Taking Action to Prevent Problems Caused by Early Tooth Loss

One thing that our pediatric dentist may recommend is using a space maintainer. This can be a fixed or removable device depending on your child’s age and ability to look after their teeth. A space maintainer does exactly what its name says, holding open the proper amount of space until the adult tooth comes through. If the milk tooth that has been lost is in a particularly prominent position, then the space maintainer can be constructed with a replacement tooth but otherwise we may just use a plastic or acrylic block.

Preventing Early Tooth Loss

Ideally, we would like to prevent any early tooth loss which is why we strongly recommend regular dental visits to our pediatric dentists. These dental visits do include a thorough checkup but we can offer so much more than just that. When you visit with your child, we can advise you on diet and dental care at home and will generally work with you to make sure your child’s teeth remain strong and healthy.


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