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Early Interceptive Orthodontics: How Could It Help Your Child?

Early Interceptive Orthodontics: How Could It Help Your Child?

Early interceptive orthodontics is a type of orthodontics that can take place as early as age 6 or seven. The idea of providing treatments at such an early age is to help avoid or to reduce the need for braces later on during your child’s teens (read also: Orthodontic Care: Does Your Child Need Braces?). If your kid is already a patient here at the Kids Dentistry Center then our pediatric dentist, Dr. Marina Krepkh will keep a close eye on the way their teeth and jaws are developing. If necessary, Dr. Krepkh will recommend your child has an orthodontic evaluation with our qualified orthodontist.

The Benefits of Having an Early Orthodontic Evaluation

This evaluation can help assess any problems (read about orthodontic problems in children) that may already be present or which are likely to develop and if treatment is necessary then it will be used to determine the best age to begin. Having an early orthodontic evaluation doesn’t necessarily mean that your child will begin orthodontic treatment any earlier, but it is a great way to make sure they will benefit from early treatment if appropriate. ( Learn also: Will My Child Need Orthodontic Treatment?).

The nice thing about early interceptive orthodontic care and treatment is that it can help prevent certain conditions from becoming any worse by treating children while their jaws and facial bones are still developing and growing. The idea is to make sure your child grows up with teeth that are beautifully straight and fully functional. Treatment can help maximize their potential through giving them the best possible facial profile by guiding the growth of their facial bones. Having treatment at an early age can help to simplify any subsequent orthodontic treatment, or it may even eliminate this need completely.

How Early Interceptive Orthodontics Could Help Your Kid

Early interceptive orthodontics can be very useful in correcting certain problems with a child’s bite that can develop very early on. Issues that can benefit from early treatment include narrowed dental arches that may have been created by pacifier use or oral habits such as thumb or finger sucking, as well as over bites and underbites. Correcting problems such as protrusive teeth can also have a protective effect, reducing the risk of dental injuries to these teeth. Additionally, early interceptive orthodontics can help avoid the removal of permanent teeth that could otherwise be necessary during the final phase of orthodontic treatment.

Examples of Early Orthodontic Treatments

Typical examples of early interceptive orthodontic treatment include expanding the upper jaw to correct problems with a crossbite, or problems caused by oral habits. This can help to facilitate the correct eruption of the permanent teeth so they are more likely to come through nicely aligned. Early treatment can also help maintain the space for permanent teeth to erupt normally if baby teeth have been lost too soon.

All Treatment Is Provided in Our Child-Friendly Dental Office

All these treatments can be provided in our comfortable kid-oriented dental office by a dental team dedicated to treating young children. The great thing about taking your child to a pediatric dental office is that they can experience dental care tailored to their needs in a caring and non-threatening environment.

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