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Dr. Marina Krepkh Provides Tips for Encouraging Kids to Floss

Dr. Marina Krepkh Provides Tips for Encouraging Kids to Floss

It can be enough of a battle to get kids to clean their teeth twice a day, let alone flossing last thing at night. But any good pediatric dentist as Dr. Marina Krepkh will tell you this task is essential, and good dental habits start early. Every time your child has a meal or snack then food and bacteria can become trapped in between the teeth and gums. If they aren’t thoroughly removed at the end of each day then they can lead to serious oral health problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. Flossing is the most effective way to help avoid these problems from developing in the first place. However conveying the importance of flossing to your kids can be a different matter altogether. The following tips presented by Dr. Marina Krepkh should help you encourage them to develop good dental habits.

Dr. Marina Krepkh Recommends: Lead by Example

Children definitely learn from adults, much more than you might imagine. If you are vigilant about practicing good oral hygiene, including flossing once a day then your kids will take notice. Make sure they see you taking the time to clean in between each tooth and show them how easy it is to do this effectively. This will gradually help them form a lifelong habit of daily flossing, but in the meantime try to turn it into a fun activity, and if possible get the whole family to participate.

Positive Reinforcement Works Wonders so Praise Them When They Remember to Floss

Dr. Marina Krepkh marks that positive reinforcement is much more effective than scolding a child for forgetting to floss. Make sure you reward them with lots of praise when they remember to floss without being prompted. This will help remind them to repeat their good behavior more often. You might even find it helpful to set up a wall chart or calendar and provide them with gold stars or other stickers to use whenever they remember to floss.

Make Sure They Have Everything They Need to Floss Properly and Effectively

There are lots of child oriented dental tools on the market so make sure they have everything they need to floss thoroughly and effectively. Dr. Marina Krepkh suggests you may want to buy them floss sticks that are much easier for small hands to manipulate in between their teeth and gums. These help them learn the basics of flossing and should aid them in forming a lifelong habit. You’ll also find these flossing tools come in lots of fun colors, so get your child involved with picking out the ones they like best.

By the age of eight or so your child should be able to brush and floss their teeth effectively on their own, but it still pays to supervise them to make sure they are doing it properly and aren’t slipping into any bad habits. One way to do this is to brush and floss your teeth at the same time as this way they will be able to copy your actions and you can see exactly how they are doing.

Always remember your pediatric dentist Dr. Marina Krepkh is a huge source of information and practical advice. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have at your child’s next appointment as we can easily demonstrate the correct way for them to floss properly and can talk to them about the importance of doing so in easy to understand language.


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