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Do Kids with Baby Teeth Need Early Dental Visits?

Do Kids with Baby Teeth Need Early Dental Visits?

This is a question we hear quite often as some parents and caregivers are confused about just when a child begins to need early dental visits. There is a common misconception that baby teeth, because they are not permanent, don’t really require much looking after, let alone professional dental care at the Kids Dentistry Center.

Baby Teeth Matter

People often believe that permanent teeth are the only ones that matter. However, during these early years a young kid is rapidly developing and growing and the same goes for their teeth and jaws. You wouldn’t dream of not taking your child to visit a good pediatrician during their first few years of life and exactly the same applies to their dental health.

How Early Dental Visits Can Help Your Child

You will find all of our pediatric dentists are great at treating young children and we welcome kids from age 1 or soon as they get that first tooth. When you first bring your child in for their checkup you will notice our dentists are extremely gentle when treating children and we will merely want to look inside their mouth just to see how they are doing. As we only treat kids, we know exactly how to make them feel comfortable and relaxed during their early dental visits. We are also here to help you with your child’s dental care at home as we know it isn’t always easy to brush and floss a reluctant child’s teeth.

Early Dental Visits Are Essential for Preventive Dental Care

Even baby teeth can become decayed and particularly as the tooth enamel covering them is thinner than adult tooth enamel and is more easily eroded. Early dental visits are great for picking up problems and for having preventive pediatric dental treatments to keep baby teeth strong and healthy. We may suggest using fluoride to help strengthen teeth, especially if we feel your child might be more at risk of tooth decay. Any small lesions are quickly treated at a stage before your child begins to develop toothache. This is far better than waiting for a dental problem to develop and bringing an anxious and upset child for their very first dental visit. If their first experience is associated with pain then it could shape the way they feel about dental care for the rest of their life.

Pediatric Dentists Check More than Just Teeth

When you bring your child for early dental visits, Dr. Marina Krepkh, or any of our extremely friendly pediatric dentists, will check far more than just your child’s teeth. They will be looking at the way your child’s jaw is developing and this is extremely important. Sometimes problems that develop during the first few years of life can be easily corrected with early interceptive orthodontics. This is a particular field of orthodontics that helps take advantage of a child’s growth spurts during these early years to guide the growth of the jawbone, ensuring it will be able to accommodate their adult teeth and reducing the need for tooth extractions in the future. This type of early treatment can sometimes eliminate the need for further orthodontics when a child is older and has all their permanent teeth.

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