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Dental Treatments When Your Child Has Tooth Decay

Dental Treatments When Your Child Has Tooth Decay

If your child has tooth decay it is necessary to have a dental treatment and repair the tooth as soon as possible, even if it is only a milk or primary tooth. Here at the Kid’s Dentistry Center we recommend children have their teeth filled with white composite resin fillings. These are BPA free and completely safe, and consist of a mixture of glass and plastic resin that forms a very tight bond with their natural teeth.

Composite Resin Fillings are Safe and Effective

We prefer to use this type of filling rather than older style silver amalgam fillings that do contain mercury. Nowadays it is not really recommended that these type of fillings be placed in children under the age of six, and there are several disadvantages in choosing amalgam, particularly in the way they can flex, creating small micro-fractures in the teeth. In contrast, white composite resin fillings work in harmony with the natural tooth structure, and it’s only necessary for Dr. Marina Krepkh to remove the decayed tooth material, leaving the rest of the healthy tooth structure intact.

The filling material is placed in tiny increments and is hardened before being shaped and polished to give a natural appearance. At the end of the dental treatment the filling should be virtually invisible. Composite fillings do need replacing after a few years, but this is probably not likely to be a problem with children’s primary teeth as they should fall out naturally during this time.

A Pulpotomy Can Help Save More Badly Decayed Teeth

If your child has more substantial decay then we will need to carry out a dental treatment called a pulpotomy. This is very similar to an adult root canal treatment and is necessary if the pulp chamber right in the center of the tooth has become infected and inflamed. The pulp chamber contains the blood supply, connective tissues and nerves of the tooth, and it’s likely your child will have quite bad toothache if this area becomes infected.  If your child requires this dental treatment then Dr. Marina Krepkh will remove all the decayed area of the tooth before cleaning out the pulp chamber. This area can be sterilized before it is permanently sealed with special putty like material.

Dental treatments such as pulpotomies are often carried out on back teeth, and in this case it might be necessary to restore the tooth with a crown. This might seem like a lot of trouble to go to just for preserving a tooth that will soon fall out quite naturally on its own. However it is really important to preserve baby teeth until the adult teeth are ready to push through the gums.

We Can Provide Customized Preventative Dental Treatment Plans

Some children are more prone towards developing cavities than others, and if we think your child is at more risk then we can provide you with additional dental care and a customized preventative dental treatment plan to help minimize their risk. Additionally, sometimes dental sealants are used to help preserve baby teeth through sealing up the chewing surfaces of back teeth that can often become infected and decayed.

Decayed teeth and toothache are miserable at any age, but the Kid’s Dentistry Center can work with parents to help keep kids teeth healthy and strong.


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