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Dental Fears Are No Joke: Helping Kids Cope with Anxieties

Dental Fears Are No Joke: Helping Kids Cope with Anxieties

It’s not uncommon for children to become anxious when they first visit a pediatric dentist. Dental fears can arise if a young child has already had a bad experience in the dental chair, or they can be learned. If children see their parents or caregivers becoming fearful or anxious before dental care appointments then they are likely to associate dental visits with something bad.

Why Visiting Pediatric Dentists Is Important

It’s important to try to help young kids get over these dental fears as soon as possible, as good dental care is vital for healthy teeth and gums and will also help protect their general health. There are an increasing number of links between overall health and dental health so it’s never been more important to look after teeth.

Kids Dental Treatment Doesn’t Need to Be Scary

This is where the Kids Dentistry Center can help as all our pediatric dentists are really good at helping to sooth anxious children, particularly Dr. Marina Krepkh who is excellent at relating to young children and putting them at ease. You’ll also find our dental office is particularly entertaining for children as there is a lot to keep them occupied in the waiting area to forget their dental fears. We’ve done everything possible to create a child oriented atmosphere.

Our dentists are highly experienced in explaining what will happen during an appointment, using terminology that young children find very easy to understand. If your child hasn’t visited a dentist for a while or perhaps has a number of dental problems that require treatment, as well as dental fears, then we might suggest using additional sedation.

Sedation Dentistry and How It Can Help Kids Overcome Dental Fears

There are various types of sedation that can be used but the most straightforward is inhalation sedation. This uses nitrous oxide, more commonly known as happy gas or laughing gas. Other alternatives include medicine given in the form of syrup or a pill, or intravenous sedation that is given through a vein. Nitrous oxide is particularly good and is very safe for use. The gas is inhaled through a small mask that fits comfortably over the nose and it takes effect almost immediately, helping to calm down an anxious child. Your child will still be able to communicate and will remain awake during treatment. Once the gas is turned off it is eliminated from the body just about straight away. More anxious children may benefit from oral sedation when medicine is given through the mouth as this will make them feel sleepy or during treatment. Afterwards your child will need to be monitored for a short while before they can go home. Intravenous sedation can be useful if a child needs quite a lot of dental work as afterwards they’re likely to remember virtually nothing of what happened during treatment. It enables a lot of work to be completed during one easy visit.

Regular Dental Visits Help Maintain Dental Health

Once a child has regained good dental health then it’s relatively easy to maintain it. Every dental visit without the need for treatment helps build a positive attitude towards routine dental care. After that regular dental visits should hold far less dental fears until eventually dental care becomes routine.


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