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Custom-Made Mouthguard to Protect More than Kid's Teeth

Custom-Made Mouthguard to Protect More than Kid’s Teeth

If your kid is a keen sports player, then you might have thought about getting them a sports mouthguard. You are probably already aware that wearing a mouthguard is proven to help reduce the severity of dental injuries, or will hopefully prevent them altogether. However there is increasing evidence that wearing a mouthguard could help prevent concussions, but the protection offered is much greater when the custom-made mouthguard has been properly fitted by a dentist.

Study Shows Custom-Made Mouthguard Reduces Risk of Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries

A recent study looked at more than four hundred players from high school football teams, where some players were assigned custom-made mouthguards and some were given over-the-counter mouthguards. The results were interesting, as just over eight percent of those wearing over-the-counter mouthguards sustained mild traumatic brain injuries, compared to just 3.6% of those wearing custom-made mouthguards.

Custom-Made Mouthguards vs. Over-The-Counter Mouthguards

Even though today’s high school sports players may wear sophisticated helmets that offer a good degree of protection, this study shows this level of protection can be further increased with a well-fitting custom-made mouthguard. Over-the-counter mouthguards are very cheap, but offer very little protection. In addition it can be difficult to get them to fit properly and as a result they are frequently uncomfortable to wear and may end up being left in your kid’s sports bag rather than actually protecting their teeth.

A Small Price to Pay for Protecting Your Kid’s Teeth and Head Area

Custom-made mouthguard does not cost very much and is well worth the cost when you consider your child’s health is at stake. Dr. Marina Krepkh or any of our pediatric dentists here at the Kids Dentistry Center can advise you on the best mouthguard for your child. It will be custom designed to give the maximum amount of protection while they enjoy their chosen sport. Unlike over-the-counter mouthguards, a custom-made mouthguard is actually comfortable to wear and does not hinder breathing.

What Is the Procedure for Getting a Custom-Made Mouthguard?

The process to make a custom mouthguard is very straightforward and your kid will only need to visit our dental office a couple of times. On their first appointment we will need to take impressions of their mouth. These impressions are used to make the mouthguard so it will fit absolutely perfectly. The mouthguard will be fitted at their next visit and is ready to use. All your child needs to do is to wear it!

How to Look After Your Mouthguard

After each use, make sure the mouthguard is thoroughly cleaned before it is stored in the container provided by our dental office. This container will protect it while it is not being worn, but it is important to make sure it is not stored near to a heat source which could distort it.

Kids’ teeth and jaws do develop quite rapidly, so it is important that you make sure they have their mouthguard with them at each dental checkup. We will need to check it still fits properly as it will need to be renewed as they grow up.




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