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Cosmetic Dentistry for Kids: What Treatments Are Appropriate?

Cosmetic Dentistry for Kids: What Treatments Are Appropriate?

With an increasing emphasis on having not only a healthy smile but also a beautiful one, we are finding that more parents are asking about cosmetic dentistry for kids. But is this treatment appropriate at such a young age, or is it better to wait? This all depends on the problems affecting a child’s teeth, as sometimes a cosmetic treatment has the aesthetic effect and helps protect dental health. Some procedures can be applied for cosmetic dentistry for kids. One such procedure is dental bonding, while another can be used to treat white spots on teeth.

How Can Dental Bonding Help Improve a Smile and Dental Health?

Children’s teeth can become chipped or cracked quite easily, particularly if you have a child who is keen on playing sports. Repairing the damaged tooth helps to restore their smile while protecting the tooth, so it refers to cosmetic dentistry for kids. This is important as any sort of chip or crack in a tooth will let in bacteria, potentially causing infection and decay. If your child does have a chipped or cracked tooth then please schedule an appointment with Dr. Marina Krepkh here at the Kids Dentistry Center to find out if dental bonding is appropriate.

Dental bonding is a procedure that uses tooth colored composite resin to build up the damaged tooth to the correct size and shape, restoring its strength so your child will be able to use it normally. The nice thing about this treatment is that it is quick and non-invasive and can be completed during just one visit to our comfortable dental office. Afterwards your child’s smile will look much better and the damaged tooth will be fully protected. If your child is particularly prone towards knocking or chipping their teeth during sports then please ask us about our custom-made sports mouthguards for kids which will help protect their teeth, minimizing the risk of future chips and cracks.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Kids Treating White Spots on Teeth

Sometimes white spots can develop on the surface of children’s teeth, particularly if they have had orthodontic treatment and have found it tricky to keep their braces thoroughly clean. (Read also: My Kid Has White Spots on Teeth After Wearing Braces). White spots can form as the tooth enamel loses calcium and may be a sign of tooth decay. If this is the case, then it’s important to make sure your child gets treatment for this condition. Our pediatric dentist can provide treatment to help re-harden the tooth surfaces, halting tooth decay and reducing surface stains on the affected teeth. This can often be done using fluoride treatments that help the tooth surface to re-calcify.

Other times we may remove a tiny amount of the tooth surface, helping to reduce the whitish appearance of the tooth before applying fluoride to re-harden it. At the same time, we can also offer your child fully customized advice on how to keep their teeth thoroughly clean as it could be that their oral hygiene needs a bit of help. If the tooth decay is more significant and the tooth surface has begun to develop a cavity, we might need to mend this tooth using composite resin. This will strongly and invisibly repair the tooth, preventing further decay.

When Can Kids Have Their Teeth  Whitened?

One of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments is teeth whitening. We also often get asked about tooth whitening for kids, but this treatment cannot be carried out before a child has all their permanent teeth. It’s usually not recommended until they are at least in their mid-teens or even older. (Learn more about teeth whitening for children).

Dr. Krepkh a Brooklyn pediatric dentist uses the latest pediatric dentistry esthetic treatments including teeth whitening, bonding and BPA FREE sealants. We use the most advanced 3D scanning equipment available in USA. Virtually immediate clinical results, diagnostic accuracy, decreased patient radiation without a reduction in image quality. Latest machine reduces the patient radiation dose by more than 77% in comparison to conventional AC units.


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