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Choosing the Right Pediatric Dentist in NYC for Your Kid

Choosing the Right Pediatric Dentist in NYC for Your Kid

Do you have a young child or infant, or perhaps you’re thinking about starting a family? And do you live in NYC?  If so,  choosing the right pediatric dentist in Brooklyn might have crossed your mind. You probably already have a family dentist and you might be very happy with the level of care provided, so why not just take your child to see them? Is it really necessary to find them a good pediatric dentist in Brooklyn; after all, every dentist does the same thing, or do they?

A Pediatric Dentist Is a Specialist

The answer is definitely not, as a pediatric dentist has undertaken specialized training to provide your child with comprehensive therapeutic and preventative oral care. Even though your own family dentist may have a very well-established relationship with the entire family, a pediatric dentist has studied for an additional two or three after completing the initial four years training required for qualifying as a general dentist.

Pediatric Dentist in NYC at Kids Dentistry Center

A good pediatric dentist in Brooklyn, such as our very own Dr. Marina Krepkh, can take care of your child right from the very first dental visit through to their teenage years.  Like all pediatric dentists, she has received training that has an emphasis on child growth and development, and child psychology and knows exactly how to examine young children in a way that makes them feel very safe and comfortable. In fact Dr. Krepkh is amazing with children and is able to relate to them in a way that is very reassuring, and which can set them on the path to enjoying a lifetime of good dental care without the fears and phobias that can easily develop if a child has a bad experience. Choosing a pediatric dentist in Brooklyn with the right approach can positively impact your child for the rest of their life.

Who Do Pediatric Dentists Look After?

While pediatric dentists are specifically trained to look after children, they have also been specially trained to take care of those with special needs, including adults. Common conditions that require the services of a pediatric dentist include people with cerebral palsy, those with Down syndrome, people with learning or developmental disabilities, or those with vision or hearing impairments. Pediatric dentists can also take care of those with cleft palates and left lips or other conditions that affect the development of their head and jaws.

Why Visiting Pediatric Dentists Is Important

Choosing a good pediatric dentist in Brooklyn helps ensure your child benefits from the very latest and most advanced treatments, and dental care is tailored to treat every stage of their development. For example, when you first bring your infant in to see us, Dr. Krepkh is likely to focus on education and prevention. We find many new parents appreciate a little guidance and reassurance on how to look after their child’s teeth, and it can be very helpful to receive tips and advice on how to clean a reluctant child’s mouth.

As your child gets older they are likely to be more concerned about their appearance, and the emphasis may shift towards correcting crooked teeth perhaps with braces, and discussing issues that could negatively affect their oral health in the future, for example oral piercings and smoking.

The Kids Dentistry Center in NYC has been specifically designed with children in mind, and you’ll find it has a fun and playful atmosphere that helps kids to relax. But why take our word for it? Why not book an appointment with Dr. Marina Krepkh and discover how your kids will benefit from great dental care.



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