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Child Oriented Dental Care: Make It Exciting for Your Kid

Child Oriented Dental Care: Make It Exciting for Your Kid

Here at the Kids Dentistry Center, we all find dental care pretty exciting, but then we are passionate about dentistry. We know young children often don’t feel this way and understand getting them to tolerate dental visits (read also: What If My Child Hates Going to the Kids Dental Clinic?) or dental care at home can often be something of a challenge. The good news is that our child oriented dental office is here to help you and we can offer advice about ways to get your child excited about  home dental care.

Kids Love Our Child Oriented Dental Office

If you have a hard time persuading your child to visit a dentist then they may change their mind once they visit our extremely child oriented dental office which is super friendly. It has been specially designed to provide a playful and fun environment and is equipped with PlayStations in the waiting room. Every single aspect has been designed with children in mind to help avoid dental fears and to make sure each visit is an enjoyable experience, and we hope they will possibly even find it fun.

Care From Pediatric Dentists

All of our pediatric dentists including Dr. Marina Krepkh have received specialized training in order to qualify. After first qualifying as general dentists, pediatric dentists choose to go on to study for several more years so they are able to offer young patients the best and most appropriate dental treatment. You will find they know exactly how to relate to children. If your child needs any dental treatment then they know exactly how to explain it to them in a way that is easy for a young and possibly nervous child to understand. Our friendly dental team are also great at helping parents and caregivers, and we can show you the best techniques and tools to use to look after your child’s teeth at home. It can help tremendously if you get them involved with the whole process of home dental care.

Let Them Choose Their Own Toothbrush and Dental Floss

Instead of just picking out a toothbrush you think will be suitable for them, get your child involved in choosing it. (Learn how to choose the best toothbrush for your child). If they have a vested interest then they are far more likely to want to use it and there is a huge range to choose from including movie characters and cartoon characters as well as different colors, shapes and sizes. Just make sure they use child oriented dental products. The toothbrush should be with a small head and soft bristles so it can easily clean their teeth right at the back of their mouth. The same goes for choosing dental floss as choosing brightly colored floss can encourage them to get into the habit of daily flossing. (Read more about how to help your child form healthy dental habits).

Brush and Floss Together With Your Kid

As well as colored floss, you can also buy flavored toothpastes that are aimed at children. Just ask our friendly dental team if you’d like some recommendations about which toothpaste is good to use. It can also help if you brush your teeth at the same time as them, helping your child as required if they are still a bit too young to really brush on their own. By letting them see that you brush and floss each day, they are more likely to accept daily dental care as being part of life and even if it isn’t very exciting for them then at least perhaps it will be more enjoyable.



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