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Did Your Child Need a Filling at Their Last Checkup? 5 Tips for Decreasing Their Risk

Child Need a Filling? 5 Tips for Decreasing Their Risk

As a parent you want to do everything you can to keep your kid healthy and strong, and good dental health is an important part of the equation. You probably do your best to make sure they eat well and clean their teeth regularly, and it can be pretty upsetting to learn they need a dental filling. So what can you do to decrease their risk of needing any filling in the future?

Luckily the answer is likely to be quite a lot, and we have put together a quick checklist of easy pointers to help keep their teeth healthy and strong in between appointments at the Kid’s Dentistry Center in NYC so your child can avoid filling.

  1. Sweet and Sticky Foods May Cause Cavities

If your child has a liking for eating too many sweet and sticky foods, and unfortunately most children do, then this could be the cause of their cavities. Try to get your child used to eating healthily, explaining why this is necessary and the benefits this will provide to their dental and general health. This doesn’t mean they cannot ever have any sweet things, but they should be kept as an occasional treat rather than as part of an everyday diet. Make sure they eat sweet and sticky things as part of a main meal and that they clean their teeth soon afterwards.

  1. How to Help Kids Snack for Great Dental Health

Snacks can be a great way to top up on energy, especially for growing kids, but choosing the right type of snack food can reduce their risk of cavities. Instead of starchy foods that are high in carbohydrates, try to steer them towards eating crunchy fruits and vegetables that are fibrous enough to have a slight scrubbing action on the teeth and which will not stick to them. Instead of potato chips or pretzels, encourage them to eat calcium rich cheese which will help harden their tooth enamel increasing its resistance to decay so your kids might never find out what is filling.

  1. Encouraging Kids to Brush and Floss Properly

Most kids will want to clean their teeth on their own as soon as they can, but adult supervision is still important until they are about age eight. Make sure they have everything they need to brush and floss, and it is worth buying products that help make it more fun such as child oriented toothpaste and toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes are great for kids as they include built-in timers that make it easy to ensure they brush for at least two minutes. Don’t think they are brushing properly? Ask our best kid’s dentist, Brooklyn, NYC for help and advice next time you visit the Kid’s Dentistry Center.

  1. Fluoride Treatments at the Kid’s Dentistry Center in NYC

Fluoride is excellent at helping to harden the tooth enamel, increasing its resistance to decay and our dental office offers various fluoride treatments. Dr. Marina Krepkh can assess your child’s risk of decay before recommending the most suitable treatment. This may be in the form of professional strength fluoride mouthwash, or it can be applied as a varnish which is painted directly onto the teeth or as a gel or foam that is used in mouth trays.

  1. Getting Dental Sealants Help You to Avoid Filling

Fissure sealants( dental sealants) are great for protecting the chewing surfaces of back teeth and consist of a very thin plastic coating that is painted onto these surfaces and left to harden. Fissure sealants can only be used on teeth that do not have any cavities, so ask us about their application as soon as your child’s adult back teeth begin to push through so that they may never need to have a filling.



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