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Easing Your Child's Fears about Visiting the Pediatric Dentist

Easing Your Child’s Fears about Visiting the Pediatric Dentist

Parents and caregivers have an important role to play in easing their child’s fears about visits to the pediatric dentist. One of the problems is that many parents also feel anxious about dental visits, and it’s all too easy to transmit these fears to children, even if that’s the last thing you want to. If you fall into this category, try to keep your concerns under control so your child does not pick up on them.

Your Pediatric Dentist Will Answer All Your Questions

Of course you can tell your child about the visit, but keep the details to a minimum and answer any questions they might have with straightforward answers. It’s best to leave your pediatric dentist to answer any more complicated or detailed questions, as you’ll find they are able to explain these things to your child in a way that is very non-threatening and which uses easy to understand language. It’s important not to tell your child that the visit will hurt in any way or be painful, and especially don’t recount any unpleasant visits that you might have had to the dentist in the past.

Describe Your Pediatric Dentist in a Positive Way

Instead, concentrate on talking about the positive effects of having healthy teeth and gums, and explain how important it is to have good dental health. You can also tell your child that the pediatric dentist is simply a friendly doctor who is able to help people have nice, healthy smiles. It’s perfectly normal for a child to feel anxious or a little scared about going to the dentist, as some don’t like to be separated from their parents, while other children are simply afraid of the unknown. You can rest assured that we know exactly how to cope with your child’s fears, and can help put them at ease.

Pediatric Dentists Are Trained to Work with Children

We also know that children react to their fears in different ways, as while some may cry others will perhaps have a bit of a tantrum. There is no need to worry about your child’s reaction towards us, as our pediatric dentists are fully trained to help them cope. For example, we use lots of positive reinforcement where we will praise and complement your child on their good behavior. You’ll also find we are excellent at distracting nervous children, and in getting them to talk about things they like doing to take their mind off the appointment. If you have visited our clinic before, then you’ll already know it is extremely child oriented and has been carefully designed to help children cope with dental care appointments, and to even look forward to visiting us.

After they have met us a few times, they should feel far more relaxed about the whole undertaking and more at home in our dental office. A huge bonus about receiving regular dental care is that they are far less likely to actually need any treatment other than regular professional cleanings, fluoride treatment and dental sealants when their permanent teeth erupt. This should hopefully mean they grow up feeling dental visits are a positive experience, and are simply something that has to be done if you want a healthy smile for life.


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