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This preventive dentistry blog by Dr. Marina Krepkh of Kids Dentistry Center in Brooklyn dedicated to the most common pediatric preventive dentistry procedures and services such as healthy dental habits, professional dental cleaning, cavities prevention, dental sealants, customized prevention plan and Oral hygiene instructions

Preventive Dentistry: Your Kid's Best Option

Preventive Dentistry: Your Kid’s Best Option

Here at the Kids Dentistry Center we place a great deal of emphasis on preventive dentistry for children and it’s something that we talk about extensively to all parents and caregivers as well as with older children who are able to grasp its importance. We have seen firsthand how good preventive dentistry can help a […]

Childhood Caries and Passive Smoke Exposure

Childhood Caries and Passive Smoke Exposure

Childhood caries is a particular problem in developed countries with a rate of 20.5% in children aged between 2 and 5 in the United States. There is a number of very effective ways for parents and caregivers to reduce the risk of early childhood tooth decay in kids. Prevention methods commonly used at the Kids Dentistry Center include restricting […]

Did Your Child Need a Filling at Their Last Checkup? 5 Tips for Decreasing Their Risk

Child Need a Filling? 5 Tips for Decreasing Their Risk

As a parent you want to do everything you can to keep your kid healthy and strong, and good dental health is an important part of the equation. You probably do your best to make sure they eat well and clean their teeth regularly, and it can be pretty upsetting to learn they need a […]

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