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This page was published on Aug 28, 2014, edited on Aug 30, 2018 by Dr. Marina Krepkh (Pediatric Dentist) of Kids Dentistry Center
best pediatric dentist brooklyn Dr Marina KrepkhDr. Marina Krepkh, a top rated, best pediatric dentist in Brooklyn. Nationally recognized as 2018 America’s Top Pediatric Dentist. She is a leading kids and teens dentist sited in prominent media outlets. At Kids Best Dentist NYC, you’ll find compassionate pediatric dental care you can trust with your children’s teeth — from the cradle to college.

She is an active member of the American Dental AssociationAmerican Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Society of Dentistry for ChildrenNortheastern Society of Pediatric Dentistry and New York Pediatric Dental Society.

Our Pediatric Dentistry Center was established in 1992, we are the preeminent practice for Pediatric Dentistry in Brooklyn. We foster an environment that affords our patients a sense of health and wellness by providing the best quality of care and patient’s experience available

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Our experience is great as usual. Dr. Marina is the best pediatrics dentist ever. My two children have been her patients for the last 4 years and we would not leave her even though we moved into Long Island. Dr. Marina, her reception and hygienists are very friendly and knows how to handle children. I highly recommend Dr. Marina’s group to any parent looking for a great dentist for their kids.
Linda Chan Google Review

All I can saw is “wow!” This place is everything described and more! A welcoming staff, a child-friendly office, including 3D walls with recognizable Disney characters, books, coloring books, crayons and toys!

In the examination rooms, there are TVs in the ceiling!

My husband and I brought our two autistic girls here for a cleaning: they are 10 and 6 yrs old. The 6 year-old is strong and hard to manage, but Dr. Marina (whose specialty is children with disabilities) took her behavior in stride, even singing soothing songs to her during the cleaning process. Both girls left with a swag bag!

My compliments to the medical staff who were also very patient and friendly. Specifically, Eloise, the receptionist and Andrew, as well as the dental assistants Malika and Lena. We will definitely be back in 6 months!

Kathleen Cumberbatch Google Review

My kids love coming to see Dr. Krepkh. She is warm, compassionate, and knows how to keep kids calm and ready for their treatments. We come all the way from Manhattan just to see her. Worth the trip every time. We highly recommend her and her team at Kids Best Dentist!
Donna Y. Google Review

My 6 yo has been getting her check up with our family dentist whom we love however the last time my 6yo had to get her cavities filled there was a problem. She didn’t do so well, in fact she put up a good fight and we were told that she needs to find a pediatric dentist and needless to say I need to find someone quick since the holes were drilled but no temporary fillings were done. Anyway after we talked to our two good friends where her friends of the same age had more extensive work done ( one had baby root canals and the other tooth pulled ) and they all loved Dr. Marina Krepkh. After reading reviews here I was convinced that she may be the dentist we need after the bad experience my girl had. We were able to secure an appointment immediately but get this, she took us on time!!!!! During the initial consultation she made my daughter felt at ease and when the actual day for the fillings she was nice and relaxed. Dr. Marina Krepkh knows how to deal with kids anxiety and I was able to sit in the room with her. The TV in the ceiling is such a simple concept that why no one else is doing it is beyond me.
The only drawback? She doesn’t take my insurance but heck I was gladly to pay out of pocket. She is great and I am glad we found her.
Adeline C. Yelp Review

Excellent Service from front to back. Front desk was very pleasant and accommodating, explained all the benefits processed all documents fast (little wait time). Dr. Marina Krepkh was absolutely amazing. She was very quick and thorough with the exam (my son didnt even realize exam was over) and was able to find all problems right away. (She was the second opinion btw). During the follow up visit she made him feel very comfortable and seemed to truly care about her patients. She was able to fix a root canal and 3 cavities within 2 sessions. It’s been a month and he is still asking to go back there because it was fun. Thank you Dr. Krepkh and staff.
Dr. Aleksandr Dekhtyarev Google Review

Dr. Marina is very friendly- my kids (9 and 7 yr olds) have been coming here for the last 4 years and are convinced that she is their friend. She talks through each and every procedure – so much so that the kids don’t realize the dental work that is being done. Best experience every time, despite the cavities, root canals and extractions.
Aleksandra Simanovsky Google Review

I take all five of my children to Kids Best Dental NYC because Dr. Marina Krepkh has an amazing way with kids! The office is fun and caters to a child clientele.
Margaret Martin Google Review

We come to Kids Dentistry Center NYC for the past 4 years and we have the best service ever. We love the dentist and recommend the office 100%.
Margaret Martin Google Review

Dr. Marina is the best dentist you could ever bring your children to see. She is professional, kind, and caring. Kids love her. Great experience!
Renata O. A. Rueda Google Review

Marina is the best pediatric dentist around. She is kind, knowledgeable and detailed. Would highly recommend.
Mikhail G. Google Review

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