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Is Your Baby Teething? Learn How You Can Help

Is Your Baby Teething? Learn How You Can Help

Is your baby teething yet? Babies can begin to get their primary teeth or milk teeth from the age of six months onwards, but it is not uncommon for baby teeth to take months or even a year to break through the gums. Eventually they will have 20 primary or milk teeth, and the exact timing for tooth eruption can be related to the age you or your partner began teething and certainly isn’t a reflection of your child’s health. It is not unusual for girls to begin teething earlier than boys, but if your child hasn’t got any milk teeth by the age of one and a half, then it’s definitely best to book an appointment with Dr. Marina Krepkh at the Kids Dentistry Center, just to check nothing is wrong.

How Do Kids Teeth Erupt?

Baby teeth eruption has a particular sequence. The first teeth to come through are the two bottom teeth right in the front and these are followed by the four upper front teeth which include the very two front teeth and the lateral incisors either side. Next to break through are the two lateral incisors in their lower jaw, followed by the first molars. The next teeth to make an appearance are the four canine teeth which will come through either side of the upper and lower lateral incisors. Finally, the rest of the molars will emerge to complete all 20 milk teeth. These will remain in place until around the age of six or seven when they are gradually replaced by your child’s adult teeth. The last milk teeth may not be shed until around age 12 or slightly later, when all the primary teeth should have been replaced by 28 permanent, adult teeth. The wisdom teeth or third molars are the final teeth to arrive and may not push through until the late teens or early 20-s, or possibly even later than that.

What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Teething?

The most common and recognizable symptom is noticing your baby is drooling or dribbling a lot more than usual. They may develop a rash on their face or chest thanks to the constant moisture. You might notice they begin to bite down on hard objects in a bid to help relieve the discomfort in the gums. Babies that normally slept quite happily during the night may become more prone to waking up and they may be more irritable. If you look inside their mouth you might be able to see the gums are swollen or look sore.

Tips for Providing Relief during Teething

Our pediatric dentists can provide lots of tips on how to relieve your baby’s discomfort while they are teething. If your baby is eating solids, they might find it more comfortable to eat cold foods and drinks. You can also try providing your baby with a cool teething ring or pacifier, or they could find it more comfortable to suck on a cold, clean piece of gauze or washcloth. Gently rubbing your baby’s gums with a clean finger or cold spoon can help relieve the discomfort and their gums. If their teething symptoms seem severe, contact our dental clinic to talk to one of our pediatric dentists as we will be able to help.

Visit Your Pediatric Dentist

Don’t forget, once your child has their first tooth, book an appointment with one of our friendly pediatric dentists, for example Dr. Krepkh, and help put your child on the right path for a lifetime of healthy smiles.


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