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Baby Teeth And Why They Matter

Baby Teeth And Why They Matter

Most parents regard their child’s first tooth as being an important milestone, and a great reason for taking lots more photos, but not all realize just how important these teeth really are. Your baby’s first teeth might be small but they are well worth looking after. Reasons for looking after these teeth include:

  • These baby teeth or milk teeth help hold open the correct amount of space so the adult teeth can erupt normally. If they are lost too soon there’s the chance that the adult teeth will end up with insufficient space to come through, and as a result they’re more likely to be crooked or twisted or protrusive.
  • Imagine how difficult it is to eat without teeth, and it will be just a tricky for your child. Without teeth they’re more likely to have trouble chewing and as a result could end up deficient in certain nutrients.
  • Baby teeth help your child to learn to speak clearly so they can be easily understood.
  • Tooth decay can be painful at any age, and it can be even worse for a young child who might not fully understand what’s going on.

Baby teeth are more susceptible towards tooth decay than adult teeth, and they can be tricky to fill. As a result your dentist might have no other choice but to extract the tooth too soon. If your child isn’t used to visiting the dentist this can be an unpleasant first experience, regardless of how hard the dental team at the Cosmetic Dentistry Center to try to put your child at their ease.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

One problem can be a condition called baby bottle tooth decay, and is something that can occur when a baby is given a bottle containing something sweet or which has natural sugars before going to sleep at night. As a result the sugars cling to the teeth overnight, allowing bacteria in the mouth to thrive, increasing the risk of tooth decay. It is also something that can happen when a child is given a pacifier dipped in honey or syrup. Giving a child something sweet at bedtime is particularly harmful as less saliva is produced overnight, and the drier conditions allow bacteria to multiply.

These are all reasons why parents are advised to take their child to see their family dentist or pediatric dentist once the milk teeth start emerging, and certainly before their child’s first birthday. These early dental appointments are an ideal for enabling your child to get accustomed to visiting the dentist. They’ll get used to having their teeth examined, and this enables your pediatric dentist to pick up any early signs of problems when treatment can often be far less invasive.

These dental visits are also a great opportunity for you to learn more about how to care for your child’s teeth. Our dental team is always more than willing to answer any questions you might have and can offer useful advice on the best way to clean their teeth. Looking after their milk teeth will get them into a regular routine of dental care, and they are far more likely to end up with healthy adult teeth.

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