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Tooth Decay Treatment - Help Your Child Enjoy a Healthy Smile

Tooth Decay Treatment – Help Your Child Enjoy a Healthy Smile

Dental caries might be common but it isn’t inevitable, and with the correct tooth decay treatment it is possible to banish it completely. (Read also: What are the best ways to prevent cavities?).  If you have a very young child then you are ideally placed to help them enjoy all the benefits of having a healthy mouth and a lovely attractive smile for life. Here at the Kids Dentistry Center, our pediatric dentists can work with you so you will know exactly what is required to help keep their teeth healthy and strong and avoid extensive tooth decay treatment. We thoroughly recommend you bring your child to see us soon after they get their very first tooth and even though this might seem very young there are several reasons why it is the best time to begin their dental care.

Get Advice on How to Look After Your Child’s Teeth at Home

During this first visit, we can not only check that their teeth and jaws are developing correctly, but we can also talk to you about the best way to clean their teeth as the effective way of brushing and flossing helps prevent tooth decay in children. You will find Dr. Marina Krepkh and all of our pediatric dentists are full of useful and extremely practical advice on how to clean a young child’s teeth. We know this task isn’t always easy, but beginning a routine as soon as possible will help a child learn that it is simply a part of their everyday life. We can also talk to you about the best toothpaste to use and we may recommend using fluoride-free toothpaste until your child is old enough to develop the ability to spit out excess toothpaste.

As their teeth come into contact with each other then you will need to begin flossing for them and most children will require help with flossing until age 10 as before this time they may not have enough dexterity to do this task. Again, we can help you with this by demonstrating the best way to floss and we can also talk to you about the best type of dental floss to use.

Your Child Will Receive a Personalized Tooth Decay Treatment Plan

Your child’s personalized tooth decay treatment plan is vital in helping to prevent dental caries. In order to formulate their preventative treatment plan, our pediatric dentist will carefully assess your child’s personal risk of developing tooth decay. Using this information, we can then recommend how frequently your child should visit, suitable preventative dental care treatments as well as pediatric dental treatments that help reduce tooth decay.

Fluoride Treatments Help Protect Teeth

These preventative dental care treatments are likely to include regular fluoride treatments which can be given as part of their regular checkup. Fluoride treatment is an incredibly easy way to help protect teeth by strengthening tooth enamel. All fluoride treatments are non-invasive and painless. Learn about fluoride varnish treatment at the Kids Dentistry Center.

Consider Dental Sealants for Adult Back Teeth

When your kid gets their adult back teeth, we are highly likely to suggest using dental sealants. A dental sealant is simply a thin layer of flowable plastic material that is painted onto cavity-free teeth. By sealing these surfaces, we can prevent tooth decay in areas that are particularly vulnerable towards developing cavities. This treatment is very cost-effective and dental sealants should last years before they need repairing or replacing. Learn why dental sealants are so effective in preventing tooth decay.

If you have ever had toothache caused by tooth decay then you will know how unpleasant it can be, but with the right dental care, you can make sure your kid has a healthy and happy childhood, free from dental pain.

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