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Infants, children and adolescents can benefit from regular dental prophylaxis (dental cleanings). Treatment helps keep teeth free from plaque, minimizing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Each treatment plan is individualized, so the frequency of prophylaxis does vary from child to child, depending on their risk for developing dental diseases.

This risk is evaluated according to the age of your child, their dental history, their current oral health, and any other factors that could influence the build-up of plaque in the mouth.

What to Expect During Prophylaxis

The purpose of a professional dental cleaning is to:

  • Help instruct the child and caregiver in the correct oral hygiene techniques
  • Remove hardened plaque from the teeth (a substance called tartar)
  • Polish teeth to make it more difficult for plaque bacteria to accumulate on the smooth surfaces
  • Remove surface stains from the teeth
  • Examine teeth and gums
  • Get a young patient used to having dental treatment

Prophylaxis is a great way to help your child become used to receiving regular dental care, as our hygienists will gently clean and floss their teeth, and may apply fluoride if our pediatric dentist thinks it’s necessary. You’ll find our dental staff goes out of their way to make this process pleasant for your child, in an atmosphere that is comfortable and relaxed.

Your child’s prophylaxis appointment is an excellent opportunity for you to learn how to clean your child’s teeth for them. Our dentists and hygienists can discuss diet and nutrition, and other important factors such as tooth eruption. They can also show you how to floss your children’s teeth, as this is necessary once they come into contact with each other.

Our office provides fun and playful, child friendly environment.

We pursue perfection; you will be surprised by knowledge, accuracy and professionalism of our staff. All the work done in our Kids Dentistry Center at the Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY location. We have in-house laboratory as well as newest 3D technology equipment. Come in see it for yourself.

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