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Sports Dentistry - Mouth Guards

Custom-Made Mouth Guard

Childhood participation in sports is something most parents and caregivers will actively want to encourage, as after all developing a lifelong enjoyment of playing sports can be a great aid in remaining fit and healthy. There’s lots of protective clothing and equipment available to keep children safe while playing sports, but it’s equally important to make sure their teeth and jaws are protected.

In fact dental injuries are the most common type of facial injury received while playing sports, and range from simple knocks and chips to the teeth, to lacerated cheeks and tongues, and the loss of one or more teeth. Children whose adult teeth knocked out while playing sports can face ongoing dental costs throughout their lifetime, as well as the need to spend hours in the dental chair, and an increased risk of developing other dental issues such as periodontal disease.

Mouth Guards Protect Teeth And Facial Structures

If your child likes to play contact sports, or takes part in other activities such as mountain biking, skateboarding or gymnastics, then purchasing a custom-made mouth guard could be a worthwhile investment. A properly fitted mouth guard will help protect their teeth and associated facial structures from harm while playing sports.

Custom-made mouth guards are comfortable to wear, are odorless and tasteless and do not feel bulky in the mouth so it’s easy for your child to breathe and talk. They are designed to fit closely around the teeth and to have excellent retention and sufficient thickness in areas that need particular protection.

Our pediatric dentist can supply your child with a custom made mouth guard that will be designed to offer maximum protection during their favorite sports. It can be made to accommodate erupting teeth, and can be fabricated to offer additional protection in specific areas. If your child is currently undergoing orthodontic treatment and has a fixed brace, the mouth guard will be designed to fit over the brace.

Mouth Guard is Easy to Look After

Your child’s mouth guard is easy to look after. Get your child to rinse out their mouth with cold water before inserting the mouth guard. After use, it should be rinsed clean and brushed with toothpaste and toothbrush. The mouth guard should be stored in a perforated container that allows air to circulate freely. It should not be exposed to any high temperatures such as direct sunlight or hot tap water as this could distort it.

If the mouth guard becomes loose or uncomfortable then you will need to get it replaced. Our pediatric dentist can check the condition of the mouth guard at each scheduled visit.


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