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Behavior Management


Treatment of Children with Dental Anxiety

Visiting the dentist can be a scary experience for young children, but pediatric dentists are extremely experienced at putting children at ease and will ensure the whole visit is as non-threatening and comfortable as possible.

Treatment is provided in an environment that is designed to feel as safe and comfortable as possible. There are a lot of different techniques can be used to help reduce children’s fears.

The first visit is only for an examination, and allows a child to get used to being in the dentist chair, and to become accustomed to new surroundings.

Preparing Your Child for their Appointment. There are a lot of different techniques

Treatment of Children and Young Adults with Special Needs

Pediatric dentists are trained to assess children and adults with special needs, as these patients may require specific dental plans that are specially adapted for them.

We can offer customized healthcare for children or adults who are affected by mental, psychological or physical disabilities and who may require additional assistance during dental treatment or during other dental care appointments.

If you have a special needs child or are a caregiver to an adult with special needs then we can offer respectful, caring and gentle dental care.

We Are Trained to Assess Children with Special Needs

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