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Custom-Made Kids Mouth Guard: Saving Money and Smiles

Custom-Made Kids Mouth Guard: Saving Money and Smiles

Here at the Kids Dentistry Center, Dr Marina Krepkh and all of our dental team regularly see children with sports injuries. These dental injuries include chipped or broken teeth or completely knocked out teeth in the worst case. This can be extremely upsetting for children and their parents or caregivers. It is also something that we find quite distressing to see, particularly as these injuries could have potentially been avoided or their severity reduced with the use of a properly fitting kids mouth guard.

Who Should Wear a Mouth Guard?

If your kid likes to play contact sports then it’s definitely worth referring to our sports dentistry specialist and having a custom-made kids mouth guard due to the high risk of potential injuries to their teeth, gums and jaws. This potential risk shouldn’t be overlooked in noncontact sports such as horse-riding or gymnastics or skateboarding. If there is a chance that your child could take a knock to the mouth when playing sports then it could be worth your while investing in a custom-made sports mouth guard for them. Our sports mouth guards are highly affordable and we have a huge range of different designs and colors for your child to choose from so they can have fun designing their own mouth guard. Read also: Does Your Kid Wear a Properly Fitting Sports Mouthguard?

Kids Mouth Guard Is Easy to Wear and to Look After

They will find their new sports mouth guard is very comfortable to wear as it will fit over their teeth and will not move around while they play sports. Their breathing will not be obstructed and there is no need to worry that our mouth guards will taste nasty as they are completely neutral and odor free. They are made from a very tough, thermoplastic material that will not rip or tear easily. Custom mouth guards are easy to look after and we can check them regularly for any signs of wear and tear. While your child is growing, it is important to make sure that there mouth guard still fits properly and although this may mean you need to replace it quite regularly, it is still far better than running the risk of your child having a dental injury that could result in costly dental bills for life.

Why Is a Custom Mouth Guard Better Than an Over-The-Counter Mouth Guard?

We know it is possible to buy over-the-counter mouth guards very cheaply, but if you have ever tried to use these appliances then you’ll know why we don’t recommend them. (Learn also: Dentist Custom Mouth Guard vs Store Bought). They can be enormously uncomfortable to wear, if you can actually adapt them enough to get them to fit even halfway decently. As a result it is much more tempting to leave them out completely while playing sports. Even if your child does use an over-the-counter mouth guard, you need to be aware that it will offer them minimal protection.

Custom-Made in Our On-Site Dental Laboratory

When your child has their mouth guard made at our dental practice, it will be fabricated in our on-site dental laboratory and we take lots of care when designing these mouth guards to ensure they are comfortable and effective. For just a minimal investment in their dental health, you will be making sure their teeth, gums and jaws have maximum protection.

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