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Tooth-Colored Pediatric Crowns: Best Way to Restore Your Child's Smile

Tooth-Colored Pediatric Crowns: Best Way to Restore Your Child’s Smile

Tooth decay is never pleasant at any age, and if you think your child has a cavity then bring them in to visit one of our pediatric dentists here at the Kids Dentistry Center. One of our dentists, for example Dr. Marina Krepkh will gently but thoroughly examine your child’s mouth for any signs of […]

Fillings and Crowns - How Children's Teeth Are Repaired

Fillings and Crowns – How Children’s Teeth Are Repaired

Children’s teeth may need repairing with dental fillings or crowns if they become damaged due to trauma or decay. These teeth are called primary or milk teeth and are in place until the ages of six to twelve when they are gradually replaced by adult teeth. Even though milk teeth are fairly temporary, they are still […]

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